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Cool Worship

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Welcome to the pro party where you're served the proper tea;
Love's arena where everyone is God's property,
Today is for DAISY so make una just dey see,
Celebrations of jubilations with gorgeous DAISY

Daisy Dozie Ukwandu
Daisy Dozie Ukwandu - Happy Birthday Celebration - Kleezypen

I seem to need no network to call her miss celeb,
God campaigned for her so even devil had to vote her,
She's a hot fan of Christ cool with God as her fan,
A lot she achieves because she rolls with God like fan

Talking about this God wey dey love us more than we dey earn;
In this building, God hin dey; ehen! chilling with IDEHEN,
Dem Ben ten oppressors tried treating her like the hen,
But the lion of the tribe of Judah exalts her in the den

A girl with unique vision; celeb with classic mission,
She's always on motion to better days ahead;
You will never be the tail but always be the head,
No melanin can cause life to be unfair to you.

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