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It's been long we've been friends; I'm talking EMMANUEL,
He reminds me God is with us; a reflection of Christ,
Yes! A friend to ascend with; man of wisdom and wits,
He remains the oga that I call EGAGA;

Emmanuel Egaga
Emmanuel Egaga - Happy Birthday celebration; kleezypen.com

He is a chairman that tables matters to God,
Oh, yeah! Weighty matters, till they occupy God's heart,
"God is good" is his motto, God hears when he horns,
Baba God drives him like a boss for perfect destination

His playing doesn't affect effects of his praying knee,
A connected hot plate to God's electrifying signals,
''Operation feed the nation'' is his core and clarion call,
A farmer to the nation; divine shepherd by direction

If he was a sweet, then he is one with menthol,
A brother and a leader; he indeed is a mentor,
These are words for the great and I truly meant all,
I call him oga na papa; EMMANUEL EGAGA.

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