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Ezekiel's care is more than an A to Z care,
Some folks think they care but she care pass day care,
Come see care from Ezekiel; none starves or is sick here,
Cheerful; jovial, as she easy cares; Yeah! Talking EZEKIEL

EZEKIEL ESTHER ODUAKI - Happy Birthday Celebration; kleezypen.com

Esther with natural hair styles; loves sticking to her style,
C.E.O. of Essy Palace; lots of stomach cakes; no stomach ache,
If ESTHER was an acronym, I think I know it's meaning;
Endearing Sweet Tough Hottie, Entirely Real

The Oduaki that got a dual key of life from God;
The "motherly order room" and "sisterly other room"
Like the duty of a soldier and the beauty of an Angel;
She prays like Christ indeed; she plays, free like a kid

So EZEKIEL ESTHER ODUAKI is a divine realist,
C.C.E. Evangelist in my ever Angel list;
Wife material sewed in yards of the right guy;
Just like the God with us, he's the EMMANUEL with you.

*C.C.E. : Campus City Evangelism; arm of CUNIFES
*CU-NIFES: Christian Union Nigerian Fellowship of Evangelical Students

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