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Cool Worship

Gospel Rap

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An angelic creation; kudos to Ancient of days,
The blaze of her swags can place you in a daze,
OMODAJI can't be dry; God's blessings rain on her,
OMODAJI is a BLESSING; her reign is from on high


OMO with DAJI; what a great collabo,
Like OMO with the G; yeah! G for glory,
Testimony is what summaries her story,
Iyawo Jesu; she too love Jesus

Always sniffing worship and coughing out praise,
Unique in her style and fantastic classic ways,
Got confidence in God; many call her confidant,
A soldier to the root; truth is what she shoots

Talking teaching the word, Mama B. kills it,
The way she puffs the word keeps her high in the Spirit,
A lady that matters; occupies space in the Spirit,
Spiritual elephant; her weighty words; I feel it.

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