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Cool Worship

Gospel Rap

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It isn't time for yapping but just some little rapping,
Her way of life be lessons; to souls, she's a blessing,
Girl lots got interest in 'cos she's so interesting,
The admirers troop in; dem boos keep tripping

BLESSING EZEKIEL - Happy birthday Celebration; kleezypen.com

Reality, not dreaming; Yes! Angels are drumming,
An Angelic celebrity; her fans keep jubilating,
I'm bouncing and commencing to join in the dancing,
The Jesus she's repping blesses her sowing and reaping

Matters arising; the sweetness of Blessing,
She's a blessed person by Jesus the risen,
Got power than Mike Tyson; Jesus the reason,
Her word spices than seasoning; good things never ceasing

I see care that's secure when I see Ezekiel,
S.S.V. folks know sey she dey care even pass day care,
She cares in this her realm, none starves or is sick here,

*S.S.V. : Secondary School Visitation group (under CU-NIFES)
*CU-NIFES: Christian Union Nigerian Fellowship of Evangelical Students

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