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Cool Worship

Gospel Rap

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Celebrating the ESEOSA who’s always known to soar
  She is a girl picked as realistic to the peak;
Singled out as cool all through my stay in school;
Even my heart flew without a bird flu

ESEOSA IGBINOSA -  Happy birthday Celebration; kleezypen.com

ESEOSA wey dey glow with a receptive flow,
So humble so she doesn’t really show,
Divine love blows to wherever she goes,
Her glow's real with glory is what truth knows

Relating with her has taught lessons to me;
She's been a blessing to me pass indomie,
ESEOSA is one reason I ever so soar;
Sweet to soar with, with an eye that makes you high

Life's not fair as her skin but happy's ESEOSA
 Satan may try 'wayo' but she says, "No sir!"
Jesus keeps lifting her and she says, "Yes sir!"
  She's a Graced Essy; so graced is IGBINOSA.

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