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Cool Worship

Gospel Rap

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L-O-V-E-T-H; is how the name is spelt,
Beauty and glory is what rhymes with this LOVETH,
The beauty around LOVETH is more than a pools health,
The glory around LOVETH’s like a paradise of wealth

Always with IGWEBUIKE is a king that makes things Okay,
Control - Z no fit undo, the love of UZONDU,
When you see her in her gown, she's always looking set,
Fashionable LOVETH; beautiful shirts and pretty skirts

As long as our one and only Lord Jesus liveth,
Love is always felt in the sphere of LOVETH,
For God so loved the Earth and created Queen LOVETH,
Who is married to king Jesus who forever shineth.

Fantasic classic physique, unique for peak boutiques,
She's specially social, yet socially special,
Although some folks, actually may kick the bucket;
The water of life, will always fill your bucket.

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