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As Mr. Kenny entered his office complex that morning, a chorus of ''congratulations sir, congratulations sir'', filled the air. Everybody knew what this meant to him, and they were happy for him.

He had endured such a long wait for Mary, his wife, to give him a baby boy. It has not been easy though. What with all the pressure he had to contend with amongst his friends and especially his relations - a development that has caused a lot of strain in their marriage of over twelve years.
When the first issue came and turned out to be a girl, kenny's family had threatened fire and brimstone, that Mary having a female child as the first issue was an affront to their wealthy and aristocratic family. Their family, they claimed, are known for having male children. If any of them has a female child at all, it is normally one, and almost always as the last child.
Mary, anxious to please her in-laws and keep her home, began to run from pillar to post. People came forward to proffer solutions to her 'problem'. After she tried all kinds of suggestions to aid her having a boy but still ended with a second girl, she resigned herself to God. She threw away all concoction and decided to focus on God. The third issue came, yet a girl, but she was not perturbed. She reasoned that God must have a purpose for giving her these girls. Although she wished she had a boy to please her husband, she was no longer unduly agitated. The home became turbulent, with Kenny having bouts of temper, but her new found faith and confidence in God kept her on. Now the Lord has looked down on her and given her a male child to please her husband.
God never makes a mistake. The choice of your child's gender is not human but divine. And there is no indication of subordination of one sex to the other creation. The tiny baby girl in your hand is an asset of inestimable value. But then, that depends on the way you handle her. Like an egg, when allowed to hatch, it develops into a hen that in turn produces many more chicks; but if mishandled and it pricks prematurely, then, you lose a great asset. A well managed girl grows to become a young woman, loving wife and a caring mother.

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