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What is LOVE? It's silence when your words would hurt and patience when your neighbours curt, deafness when the scandal flows and thoughtfulness for another's woes, promptness when a stern duty calls and courage when misfortune falls; slow to suspect but quick to trust, slow to condemn but quick to justify, slow to offend but quick to defend, slow to expose but quick to shield, slow to reprimand but quick to forbear, slow to demand but quick to give, slow to provoke but quick to pacify, slow to hinder but quick to help, slow to resent but quick to forgive. [1 corin 13: 4, 5]

Being loved is the second best thing in the world while loving someone is the best. When you love, you do yourself a favour; for you open floodgates of love from others to you. Hatred or a feeling of revenge does more harm to the hater than the hated. This is because the hater bears alone the tearing within, of a deep-seated, untreated wound everywhere he/she goes.
Life is short. The brevity of time leaves no room for man to harbour hatred or bad blood for past hurts; past is past. Let go and let God have his way. You have just a single life, and it's held by a string of love, strengthened or weakened by you, and you alone. A healthy life is founded on good deeds, floodlight of love and flushes of forgiveness, so that the heart remains free from hatred and the blood free from bitterness.
God is love and love is life. God has made love cheap yet many can't afford it; just a little smile, a little deed of kindness, a little patience and tolerance with one another, a little tuning of the mind off others' misdeeds. Yet, for no just cause, man chooses to do otherwise, which makes life remain worthless. To choose God is to choose love. To choose love is to choose life. Then, love is the greatest of all [1 corin 13: 13]. We are enjoined to love our neighbour but, we don't have to agree to any of his/her errors or ungodly ideas, because love rejoices only in the truth [ 1 corin 13: 6]
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