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Gospel Rap

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Bone of your bone or a bone of contention,

Your prayer partner or a special prayer point,

Flesh of your flesh or thorn in your flesh,

Stay onshore than sail unsure in a faulty ship



If a fellow sheep is cut, fellowship bleeds

Turning courtship to a law court's ship;

Liars for lawyers; Judges so selfish

Till love bleeds to death through the voice of divorce.


One reason we pray is not to turn prey;

Seeking God's will before holding the wheel,

Marriage is a school where you ought not graduate;

Till you graduate from life through a portal called death


Well handled courtship; holy relationship,

We go through courtship not to end a cut sheep,

Stopped if fellow sheep's cut; to avoid bleeding marriage,

Broken courtship; better than marriage in mirage


Don't just book for these likes; note the dislikes,

Thinking to reform him later may end love deformed,

Thinking to transform her later may shock you like electricity;

A broken courtship is better than a broken marriage


The outcome of lack causes a lot of varying slacks

The outgo of love also thrives on stable income

The response ability to unique responsibility

Financial stability is the star ability


The sickle cell dirt; void head to be avoided;

One of the few chores good for your Kidd's future;

Don't be stereotyped; take note of genotype;

Stealth from threats; health is wealth


If courtship turns marriage, hallow the one flesh rule,

This agreement of flesh to flesh; no disagreement of bone to bone

The family alter utters this unity that alters disunity

A family that prays together stay together


She's a helpmeet; not a help meat;

Treat her dear with respect; not like deer for dessert,

He's a human being and not a human bean;

Respect is reciprocal; there's a scriptural based order.

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