The words of Suli breaks surely breaks the ice
My zeal was bulk, earthed in buckets of vastness.
Zealous was my name till forced to meet the zeal-loss.
A name signed in fame framed on stepping stones called shame
A Built-in potential's in my Physique for Success
The Science of my Chemistry attracting me to win
I take down my fears not to give up on fate
I'm a winner, not a quitter; quitters never win
The words of Suli breaks surely breaks the ice
Those Jokers clubed my heart 'cos I sought the A's of flying Ace
Couldn't be close to B's. so I knew not taste of honey
The Traffic turns red when I see the C's
The words of Suli breaks surely breaks the ice
Was Dealt D's for disgrace but I'll exchange this for grace
The operations of E's should be under my heels
What has the shining elf got to do with F's ?

The words of Suli breaks surely breaks the ice
Circumstance ate the hay just to stop my shine
Faced with flying bees that sting me when they're near
The traffic only turns green when I face the red sea
The words of Suli breaks surely breaks the ice
Success is my image, yet was made to diss me
Failure broke my wings but with time, it heals
I'm the Elf; not the failure, will not succumb to failure

I look into the mirror with the eye of the superior
To see not a mirrored image but an original
Unique and fantastic, classic to the peak
Those four walls showed me a photocopy
Sadists as scribes drunk with charm and pain
Sold out to ensure the far you see becomes the sad you see
Still, I keep my dreams alive and need no coffin for mourning.
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BABIES OF THE MIND – Part Three (Law Of Attraction)

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The law of divers forces; Whether you believe them or not, they exist and govern the world, always revolving around us like magnetic fields carrying either positive or negative charges. We got the law of sowing and reaping, law of gravity, law of action and reaction, law of death in sin, law of life in Christ. Today I'm talking about one that we consciously or unconsciously operate in; the law of attraction is inevitable.


Sometimes, I just get to start thinking about someone only to see the person in no distant time; oh yeah! Coincidence is what someone will say. A lot of people are besseted with the fear of failure so much only to blame it on fate when they eventually fail. A lot operating in negative reactions to life's negative actions/Circumstances, are broken lose through motivating words of faith that launches them into a realm of love to act over life's Circumstances, rather than react to it. The main point is that these laws exist whether we like it or not but we choose which one to operate in/with whether they like or not.


Draw a big circle to represent the circle of life full of negativity. Make a dot at the centre to represent love; the centre/root of life which is the best part of life. Now draw a smaller circle within the larger circle to represent the circumference of love with an area of positivity. The dot is love which tries to attract you to its self. The circumference of the small circle is the boundary between between positivity and negativity while that of the big circle represents the fear trying as well to attract you to itself.

Positivity is all you got in the realm of love and from that realm in the inner circle, fear(circumference of outer circle) tries to pull you out of the magnetic force of love into that of fear (where people react to life rather than act over circumstances) by throwing negative circumstances at you, as long as you remain in that area of positivity, you attract only positive things to yourself. Reaction to life’s actions(fear’s attraction) with a negative attitude(i.e. fear, anger, irritation, frustration) entails now operating from outside the area of positivity haven crossed the boundary to that of negativity; negativity basically attracts negative things. Be sure of where you stand. Yeah! It isn’t easy, but no matter what, just remain in that sphere of love( area of positivity). In one phrase, all I'm saying is "don't worry, be happy". If not for Christ that empowered me with the Holy Spirit, I’m certain to have been engulfed in negativity. I believe Christ can help you out if you let Him.
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THE 18th CAMEL - Complicating An Easy life; let's keep life simple

A father left 17 Camels as assets for his three Sons.When the father passed away, his sons opened up the will.The will of the Father stated that the eldest son should get half of the 17 Camels,the middle son should be given 1/3rd of the 17 camels, and that the youngest son should be given 1/9th of the 17 camels. As it is not possible to divide 17 into half, 17 by 3or 17 by 9, the sons started to


 fight with each other; they decided to go to a wise man.The wise man listened patiently to the narration about the will. The wise man, after giving this thought, brought one camel of his own & added it to 17 camels. That increased the total to 18 camels.Now, he started reading the deceased father’s will, "half of 18 = 9." So he gave 9 camels to the eldest son, "1/3rd of 18 = 6." So he gave 6 camels to the middle son."1/9th of 18 = 2." So he gave 2 camels to the youngest son. Now add this up: 9 + 6 + 2 = 17 &This leaves 1 camel,which the wise man took back.


The attitude of negotiation & problem solving is to find the 18th camel i.e. the common ground. Once a person is able to find the common ground, the issue is resolved. It is difficult at times.However, to reach a solution, the first step is to believe that there is a solution. If we think that there is no solution, we won’t be able to reach any!
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BABIES OF THE MIND – Part Two (Dealing with Negativity)

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Addressing negativity in two spheres, there’s one known for sure to be within; Either as a result of what you think of yourself, what you think of others or what you feel others think of you. This can easily be addressed by trying not to live a complicated life i.e. Explaining yourself well to others so as not to be misunderstood, asking questions when confused so as not to live in uncertainties, making plain your likes and dislikes to people around you. Things like this could help one live life with a positive attitude.



As for what you think about yourself, loving yourself, first of all, goes a long way to settle this. If you find it difficult to love yourself or life; always depressed in self-pity and inferiority, and you don’t see any reason to change your attitude, then why expect others to love you! If you love yourself, then it should show in the time you invest on yourself. Look good with well ironed clothes; dress the way you want to be addressed, making sure it’s not difficult for you to address yourself that way when you look into the mirror. Take note, before you step out that door each day, I feel the best free clothing accessory to put on is a smile.
You need to understand that life is full of persons and you are one of them. See challenges and mountains as stepping stones; Lessons you hold firm. You’re specifically unique when it comes to individuality. There’s no one exactly like you; you are superior, you only become inferior when you choose to be someone else rather than the original copy God made you to be. Better still, if you’re a believer, the Bible contains the truth about you. Believers should believe God’s word rather than a lie about themselves


There’s a negativity only expressed through your response to circumstance. Reaction to circumstance is like GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out) i.e. circumstances of life control you. While action over circumstances of life means you control life circumstances. A normal way to address this is to always think before you talk, speak or act. Just remain in the circle of love which is that of positivity and respond to life from there. Better still, as a believer, the best way to address this is to be and remain who God wants you to be no matter what happens, which is a function of how much of God’s word you chew and how much prayer digests the word you chew. That’s when you unconsciously live out a positive life even without thinking. You act over life unconsciously only to be amazed when you look back to examine how you handled past situations. The film titled “WAR ROOM” is cool in this light.
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THAT NIGHT, BEHIND THE SHUT DOOR - When dealing with emotions and feelings a desire of lust is not too far from love

Philos, Eros and Agape involved
Honest relationship, Christ being the ship
Had no coined habit at all to co-habit
He's an awesome believer, she's the choir mistress


Adam should attract Eve only as a real man,
To be sexually attractive is the make of a woman;
She's more than sexy yet not enslaved to sex
He got the cheque but puts feelings to check
Revealing his teeth is no function of her tits,
Her treasure chest is safe even when she sees his chest,
He is chaste without buts although she got big butts,
She controls her Chemistry despite his built Physique
Oh! Her heart leaps this time, when he seeks her lips,
Her Hips arouse his love into divers heaps of lust
Her clutched noted thigh made her pull his knotted tie;
Ravished into heavens by the truth of sweet lies
He's all over her to bellow her to love;
Obsess her big assets as though she's Mrs Biggs,
She let's him have her like honey, because he's horny;
Early in the morning, emotions start mourning
Unlasting Eros, the foundation of errors;
The lasting error's thick within erotic realms
All the smile from her cheek soon chickens out;
Though not a chicken, she's is now an explored chick

Chaste guy and girl with feelings, Yes! That of love,
Their innocence was framed, guilty behind the shut doors;
Love isn't far from lust when emotions speak;
Before you shut that door, think twice to leave it open.
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BABIES OF THE MIND – Part One (Negativity or Positivity)

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Babies of the mind conceived in your heart when your soul is set loose to either mate with love or fear, to give birth to either positivity or negativity. It is either you nurture or torture this foetus of the soul. As for negativity (pride, jealousy, intimidation, treachery accusations, gossip, slander, faultfinding, impatience, unforgiveness, rejection, bitterness etc.) I either recommend a starvation of nutrition or elimination by abortion.


I see gates of activities that launch minds into the realm of negativity. Fear’s operation of depression on our minds, causing the oppression of hope from claiming the obsession of love through the suppression of faith to extinction. The real of negativity is established outside the circumference of positivity. A circle of life with an Area equivalent to how the Length of your life multiplies with God’s breath of love. The root of positivity is love while that of negativity is fear; so the best way to replace negativity with positivity is to replace our fear with love.

Replace that fear for your marriage with love and there’s no way you’d hate your spouse; forgiveness won’t be much of a big deal. When life faces you with challenges, respond only from the area of love. Don’t let your past make you have fears for your future, be in love with your present life and there’s no way you won’t work hard to get something positive out of life not driven by the tension of fear which holds minds in the detention of negativity but a motivation of love. Rather than have fears for your career or dreams, just be in love with them. Even when negativity revolves around your circle, you can always prove it that your circle is that of positivity

My point is that every element of positivity (i.e. optimism, generousity, peace, endurance, happiness, GRATITUDE etc.) is rooted in love; love in what you do, love in responding to life etc. while that of negativity (inferiority, irritation, selfishness, bitterness, anger etc.) has its roots in fear. You may not see this as logical until you think about it deeply. Our soul w.r.t. our heart and mind respond basically to either fear or love. You need to master your fear in the art of love because only perfect love casts away fear.
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I don’t stay in Aso Rock, but I so rock
‘Cos my Abba Father, is not an Abba made
This one na True Talk, which dem call Beta Talk
So if you nor go mind, Make I yarn you my mind

I ain’t just Extra Cool without a Hi-pulse
But I Extra Connect to a God that is perfect
Air dey Tell awon Eleti-Asala
God’s breath of life was the Easy Starter of life
God is the reason my breakthrough Easy Clicks
So I ball and I bounce pass the G-bounce
From this my Zone, I dey call my Life Saver
The Super Saver called the Alpha and Omega
He is the full Beginning, not an Empty End
Got the Vibes from the lion of the Trybe of Judah
To always Club in Tens, even in the den
You see, I Easy Flex when God is on my side.
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MY BOO - A thrilling Poem by samkleezy; boo here is used to mean someone you admire and love so much

I like my tea hot, so I prayed for a hottie;
I like my tea sweet, so God showed me a sweetie,
No die on her hair though I could die for her,
Little pretty cutie, she’s a queen of beauty


The peace that she bakes is not a piece of cake
She is the green leaf that makes my grin live
She is a fruitful tree with lots of thrill
God did mould her to be more than a model

My boo’s thick enough to own my boutique;
Fantastic classic physique, unique to the peak
She believes she can fly when I work like an ant,
I believe I am high when she walks like a cat

I’m glad to be friends with this girl God befriends,
A hot girl with fans, high without heels;
The pretty one seen on reality’s scene
With outspoken beauty without silent B-U-T

Her unique physique is so peakly classic,
Even fantastic without the boutique effects;
Leaves me little speech, that’s why I’m speechless;
The right spoken words, left words unspoken

She got lots of swags, but she never brags
She’s mastered the times to spice you up like thyme,
Not facially alike with this girl that I like;
But I sight we’re alike when it comes to fore-sight

Hold up of express words by traffic jam on express
‘Cos the duty she expresses can’t be fully expressed
With the beautiful words in vogue in this world,
Unique curves making me cough,” God’s a perfect porter”.

*Boo: someone you admire and love so much
*Hottie: A sexually attractive person
*Sweetie:  A cute nickname a guy uses for a girl he has affection or love for with lust not necessarily involved
*Peakly: derived from the word peak and used here to relate to the top
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WARSHIP OF WORSHIP - Worship is a spiritual warship better than any you'll ever know 'cos it's the basic warship God approves

From a door rationed for adoration comes a warship of worship; the art of worship like a painted hart in the heart panting for what it holds dear; not a female deer.


I worship Him, for He breathes in me to keep breeding me; just a fellow sheep in fellowship isn’t how this God sees me. He not only parts the seas to pat my back but backs me on His back, raising my feit with his feat until four feet turns into two fit feet.

The earth’s now full of death but I see cure in Christ who keeps me secure; He be Lord yet came to shed His blood, so I’ll worship Him with a hymn.

El-shaddai says even hell shall die, yet He remains the Rock that rocks through out ages as the Rock of Ages. The sages say ages reveal that His blood-spills on the hill still spills out words that heal.

See showers of rain in this reign, showers of blessings that be, else sin and pain would have been overwhelming

The raised queue of distress experiencing this rest as grace comes to the rescue, I’m aced in amazing grace to grow ace.

*feit : knowledge acquired through study or experience or instruction
*El-Shaddai: Hebrew name for " God Almighty"
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SHE MUST BE A VIRGIN - Get inspired articles; chastity

Now speaking my mind and giving my general view about this; many of us (male/female) are virgins not necessarily because we were good enough to control ourselves but possibly because the environment we grew up in didn't present overwhelming opportunities for us to.



We should be careful not to present virginity as something without value when we talk about it especially (for ministers that have a mixed crowd). Whether we like it or not, just like the hair represents glory to a lady, virginity is a sense of pride to human, though the society attaches more importance w.r.t this to ladies. My point is that virginity should be encouraged. Cherish your unknown future spouse and let God help you keep yourself pure for him/her. All the same there's something bigger and better than virginity; it's called CHASTITY. Don't just be a virgin, be a chaste virgin.


When speaking about virginity, we should not over-attach too much importance to it, because you can be chaste without being a virgin; so also you can be a virgin without being chaste. Some people were chaste yet abused, raped, etc. So my point is that though its good to celebrate virginity, it is better to celebrate chastity. Celebrating virginity beyond chastity is something I have witnessed to promote hypocrisy especially amidst Christians


My candid advice to anyone venturing into marriage is to go for chastity and not virginity. To illustrate further, someone that has undergone divers sexual activities with multiple partners e.g. Fingering, oral, anal, lesbianism etc. Without breaking the hymen can still claim to be a virgin after all. Why celebrate such a virgin over some one who's chaste.

Marriage will be in the present, so forget the past of his/her being unchaste; if he/she really was , and be concerned with the present; If you are truly in love, that won't be much of a big deal. I hope this piece of advice is enough bread for peace; A covering hat to protect your heart from the blazing rays of enslaving mindsets.
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AGBANILAGBATAN - Gospel poem/rap about God

The devil already thought, I was going under
Until he saw me cruising, inside your Honda
He tried to pin me down, bind me up with a cord
But he met me seated within your Accord


You delivered my soul from the hands of the devil
When the liver of my soul was almost eaten by the evil
The greatest deal ever, struck with the deliverer;
You are the Aguntan called, Agbanilagbatan

My life’s not Alphabetic but I know it’s in order
Always before you, is my fantastic tea
So my hungry soul runs, not to Hungary
But to the bread of life, to feed my hungry soul

There’s none like you, so I really like you
I see You in my mirror, yes! I’m really like you
Your key is on board to open my doors
The keyboard makes me see ‘U’ and ‘I’ always together

Agbanilagbatan, is the ship that saves
Titanic; we know her, but let’s take our minds to Noah
I see the rain bow, at the sight of the rainbow
The way death bows, seeing the sheep called a lion

I can’t be pushed away, to ever leaving
This God of life, that’s ever living
Agbanilagbatan, the sheep was slain
Agbanilagbatan; risen lion that reigns

The sheep called a fool; Agbanilagbatan
He now reigns in full; lion of the jungle
Whether realms of celestial, or this revolving terrestrial
He rules the aquatic, which overwhelmed titanic.
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Divine Revelations: Acronyms Of GRACE; Spiritual names

G – God’s
R - Riches
A - At
C – Christ’s
E – Expense


G – God’s
R - Remedy
A - Asides
C - Calculating
E - Efforts
G – God’s
R - Righteousness
A - Activating
C – Capsule 4
E - Everybody

G – Grace is
R - Really
A – Adonai’s
C - Conjured
E - Energy

G - God
R – Rejected&
A - Apprehended
C – Christ 4
E - Everyone

G - God
R - Restores
A – Anyone dt
C - Commits
E - Evil

G – God’s
R – Ready,
A – Always 2
C - Compassionately
E - Exalt

G - Get
R – Released
A - And
C – Continuously
E - Enjoy

G - God
R - Responds
A – Abundantly,
C – Ceaselessly&
E - Exceedingly

G - God
R - Reminds
A - All
C - Concerning
E - Eternity

G - God
R - Refuels
A - Any
C – Christian
E - Experience

G - God
R - Really
A – Adorns&
C - Complements
E - Everyone

G - Gaze
R - Relentlessly
A - At
C - Christ
E - Every time

G - God
R - Reposes
A - All
C - Christian
E - Experience

G – God’s
R - Righteousness
A - Abounds
C - Completely
E - Everywhere

G – God’s
R - Revelations
A - Always
C - Counsels
E - Everyone

G – Gracious
R - Redeemer
A - Always
C - Cares
E - Everyday
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CHASING MY DREAMS - get inspired; inspirational series @

Mama used to say chase your dreams
So every night I sleep, with my running shoes clean
Pushed to the rim, by the thoughts of my dreams
I dream while awake, but don’t day dream
My dreams keep me busy, because I ain’t lazy
Even when dizzy, I don’t take it easy
Mr. Bones knows that it isn’t funny
To work to the bones to be friendly with money;
I’m closer to my dreams, when I wake each morning
I keep my dreams alive, need no coffin for mourning

Still chasing my dreams, as I track my race back
To roots of my background, God helping from the background
Almost traded my focus, with this deadly foe-course
Because of chilling eyes of frozen onlookers
I was almost snapped shut, into a dark calm era
Till snap shots of light showed me life was a camera
I now see the standing fans, all screaming their support
Already had a zeal-loss, so trying to be zealous
Not to quit before I win, because winners never quit
Only the tough gets going, when the going gets tough.
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My Tributes to the house of CU-NIFES - a place where good things never cease

I am a witness to the fullness of this righteous Jesus whose radiance covers the remembrance of God's vengeance since He endured torture to restructure our future; He understood the good that could come out of manhood. The Rock of Ages that still shocks the sages at different stages; His works are diverse as revealed in scriptures from verse to verse without a reverse through out the whole universe. Following the examples from His principle has made it simple for me to trample on scorpions against my dimple.

Dat kind thing, e don tey wey men dey wait for a day to piante comot in comfort after send-forth. Na
Baba God mercy infuse love wey difuse grace to take refuse d abuse wey nor fit fuse with our

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Acronyms for SWAG


S- still
W- without
A- a
G- girl


S- sweet
W- wonderful
A- angelic
G- girl


S- start
W- with
A- asking
G- God
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I Love This Rose

Looking into the star
Thinking of where you are,
'Coz this bitter scar
Needs a sweetening sugar

Yeah, I love this feeling
That looks like dreaming;
Been a long time coming
Since I've been aiming

My love still grows
For this divine rose,
Surviving the thorny woes
Through gracious echoes

All I've got to offer
My sweetest lover
Is love that lasts forever;
That's how to stay clever

Whenever I've got a problem
Love's the emblem
Of divine system
That solves them

Love beyond the seen;
Love that'll ever win;
Love with a gene
Which eradicates sin

Don't want anything else
Is what my heart yells,
But that love beyond pearls
Which rings the joy bells

Love that can glow
Beyond the prided Glo
Love that can still grow
Everywhere you go

Though the grasses are green,
You're the reason I grin;
Though I'm cool within,
My joy's unhidden

I'll always seek your face
By your Grace
Through your ways;
Non can take your place

I don't know
Why you love me so;
I fear no foe
'Coz you're my hero

As if destined
To flow with the wind,
I actually listened
To distractions at my hind

I'm all the same getting closer,
So I ain't a loser;
You be the chooser,
I'll just be the grace user

Praise is what I'll do,
I live to adore you;
Your love has been true
To see me through

Oh! Rose of Sharon,
Keep leading me on;
Since I'm kingdom born,
Yeah! I'm your father's son.
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Springs Of Praise

What a puzzled nozzle; hustling through the bustling muscles of life on rustles of dryness. I mean, I struggled to free my strangled hope from the angle of depression towards elevation but you know what?

All my try-angles ended in frustration.
A quick reasoning here; isn't it along time coming like from the starting of morning to the ending of
evening, yet, seemingly achieving nothing from everything thought to be something.
Oh yeah, whatever!!

Circumstance may keep on teasing but my faith ain't ceasing. Of course!! I know my praising style's kind of fading but I ain't gonna stop chasing God. I'll keep hoping and moving at His word; that sword sharp enough to strike my heart's chorded strings, making the joy bells in my heart ring and springing streams of hymns that keep me blazing and gazing at His dazzling grace; grace so amazing enough to revive my praise. I'll just wait for this praise to spring forth.

I'll keep trusting, longing and waiting. Wait I will, again and again. It's not late to wait, so I'll relate with my great faith to wait without debate in a rate that ensures this date with divine fate in entering the praise gates which springs from He who's never late but lives on to counter Satan's bait and compensate the saints that wait.

I'll wait for His greater glory to transform my story. A survival for a revival at the Springs Of Praise.
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O - Operate
L - Life
U - Under
W - Wholesome
A – Anointing 2
B - Bravely
U - Unveil
K - Kingly
U - Useful
N - Nerve
A - And
Y - Youthfully
O - Overthrow
M - Many
I – Imperfections


O - Outdo
L – Life’s
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Should be in love with God's word to kill the love for this world
As the heart of fire fans the flames of desire
Sometimes, I covet the things I don't need
Sometimes, not being humble makes me stumble
Enticed by the porn, yes! Not of chess
But graphics to capture the caption of desiresTaking you this higher into erotic heavens
As you leap into heaps of untaught thoughts
Unraptured ruptures of twinkling emotions
That tingles down the motion of rapid demotion
Into stagnant emulsions of destructive stacked ants
Hmm, lost indeed in exotic lusts
Searching satisfaction that was never lost
Yet the master bathes us in His word to escape
The sword of the Spiritual master of probation
Who unleashed his tool of masturbation to promote
The fornicator's fun indicators which is sponsored
By the coin of coined habits to co-habit
The choice left for what's right draws strength from God's voice
The Length of God's distance is just a breathe away
Breathe out your stress, let God breathe to you full rest.
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Acronyms of MOYOSORE

M – Marching
O – On 2
Y – Youthfully
O – Overcome&
S - Suppress
O – Oppositions 2
R - Recover
E – Extraordinarily


M – Moving
O – On 2
Y – Your
O – Outpoured
S – Success 2
O - Openly
R – Reign in
E - Excellence
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Acronyms of JULIAN

J – Jehovah’s
U - Unlimited
L - Love
I - Is
A - Always
N – New


J – Julian’s
U - Undying
L - Love
I - Improves
A - Awesome
N - Naps
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SPIRITUAL SHARK - fish; life related series at

Success tails me so I cannot be the TAIL
I swim through life like I got great FINS
I've attained great heights through so many SCALES
Stuffed to the GILLS with the WATER of life
I'm alive today 'cos of God's breathe of life
Daily bread and FISH is what fills my MOUTH
In the deepest of the SEAS my EYES still sees
The tempest sees me but cannot cease me
To be caught in a NET is not my water-loo
So I cannot be HOOKED by the BAIT of what I want
Satan tried to BONE me but God was my back-bone
On the ocean of life, Jesus is my boat
So we both know I'm a christian, not a fish
Spiritual shark, king of my sphere.
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Acronyms of EUNICE

E - Easily
U - Unveil
N - New
I - Insights
C – Ceaselessly,
E - Everywhere


E – Entirely
U – Uplifted
N – Now
I – In
C – Comfort,
E – Everyday
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Life isn’t pretty fair, yet you are cutely fair
Didn’t need Physics, to note your awesome physique
I studied the Science, to fathom this Chemistry
So I solved the Maths, to be narrated in English


Your words were true, that you were born to rule
In place of teddy bear, I got teddy and beards
You are the wife material, a yard away from me
Yes! Wife more than WiFi, connected to a blessed life
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BRAIN versus HEART 4

I spy her face on Facebook, to book time for her real face
I always ask her what’s up, when online on Whatsapp
Enjoy my time with her, when I tweet her on Tweeter
2go’s a place to be, if that’s where she wants to go


I mind the letters I type to a girl of her type,
Housed in the chart of my heart, I love it when we chat
I often feel her vibes, not only on Viber
Not minding her tribe, I think we got the same vibes
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BRAIN versus HEART 3

Why did I fall in love, to walk in love with her?
A natural dancer, may be the answer
Cool voice in addition, maybe not for auditions
Not puffed with ego, like the egg in an egg roll


She isn’t MTN, but makes me Xtra-cool
Often bolts like Glo, into a boat-like glow
The Earth is alert, anytime she’s talking
Even Air tells me, of the love that she breathes
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BRAIN versus HEART 2

Tried from my end, to get you off my mind
But to no avail, as though can’t get a vale
To stop me from wondering, how to wander in
To a maze that does amaze, my emotions to a motion


From the days of yore, haven’t seen any like yours
I mean beauty without, the word B-U-T
Unhindered by fear-emulsions, of uncertain slow motion
I’ll master my fear, in the painted art of love
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THE BOSS DRIVE - life's not a competition; follow your own destined path; life related series at

They call it the cab age but defiled with cabbage,
They call it the Jet age but know 'twill yet age,
No need for speed in life, not to drift from life paths;
Yet, won't let Satan's horn make me apply the brakes
As I dance without breaks, not talking break-dance

Spiritual breads of thoughts racing through my mind
To stop the grin of death in a jam from saying hello;
The traffic of grace caused my hold up from sin;
I am left to turn right into the book of life
To become the boss God's driving to his kingdom

Faster than the truck, my life's meant to rock,
Yeah, they do rival but I'm an unstopped driver;
Delayed by red lights, my patience not read lightly
I see dents from accidents; impatient cars causing scars,
After the yellow comes green like saying hello to the grin..
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I got a father that won’t let sin murder me;
The divine grater that grated my heart of stone,
The Chief corner stone that stoned sin to death,
I was bound by grave sins but now I’m free from the grave

Cooked in the pot of life to become His wife,
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I BELIEVE I CAN FLY - get inspired with the life related series at

I’m a flying bat bouncing off balls of fire
So devil the dragon cannot drag on my life;
With wings from on high, I’m an Angel of glory,
I need not ask at all for a better story

Image result for eagle wings and lion feet 

I ain’t a butterfly but I fly all the same,
I fly to be wherever there is honey,
The web of the spider cannot trap me as I fly,
I fly high with wings unlike a game of cricket

I was born before, but now I'm born again;
With the wings of an eagle and the feet of a lion
I hover above jungles as my heart bell jingles;
I master the wind and rule the land

As an eagle over jungles on the wings of the wind,
I lie on in peace even when faced by the lion,
My bed got the wings to fly me into the dreamland,
In reality King of the Jungle is my brother

Satan calls the bone my world, but I’m in love with Jesus,
The fact I eat hot dogs doesn’t make me a dog;
I mean, the only call I bar is the one from the devil,
Elephants call me infant but like David, I slay giants

God is the reason I believe I can fly,
Grace is the wings making me touch heaven’s sky,
Though not every doughnut is sold for free
Heaven is for free, yes! Free indeed.
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