MY HONEY-BOO - since she is an Angel, I'll build her a heaven

She is the best adviser 'cos the Spirit does advice her,
She is the Godsent whom I call the good saint,
Definitely my gold who is next to my God,
Her love's in high altitudes of loving attitude

A free can be you till full; beautiful African,
Black born indeed; my backbone in deeds,
Sweet taste none despises; sweetest of the spices,
God played his role to mould her into a role model

Makes me blessed in this position; she got the best disposition,
She is the caring palace housing me in love's place,
And I boo of the bees 'cos she is my Honey-Boo;
Fair love of current affairs with physique chemistry

Since she's a believer, I'll always believe her;
My fellow sheep in Christ; we'll stay put in fellowship,
Since she is a friend, I'll befriend her to the end;
Since she is an Angel, I'll build her a heaven

Since she is a sister, I will always assist her,
Since she is a mother, I will stretch this love farther,
Since she is my chef, I'll treat her like a chief,
Since she is a lover, I'll love her forever.
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It's a man's responsibility to provide for the home; in fact the last time a woman did, they were both kicked out of the garden of Eden (on the lighter side though). Brethren, make money before ''thinking'' of women. Even in the bible, (Job) comes before (Romans). You find some graduates bragging that they can't do some jobs just because they got a degree. Just to remind you, a thermometer has got 100 degrees, yet it works under armpits. Stay humble.

The point is that prior proper preparation prevents poor performance. [''He who swallows a complete coconut must have absolute trust in his anus'' - MUGABE]. Focusing on how it begins at the expense of how it ends is like insulting the big mouth of the crocodile when you haven't finished crossing the river. True Love isn't Romeo and Juliet who died Together but Grandma and Grandpa who grew up together.

As ladies, don't be casted in (Acts) of spreading your legs like rumours because of the (Judges) he bought you or the fact that, ''he can make me ride (Micah)''. As guys, it's not all about her (Luke) and (Esther). [''Virginity is (one of) the best wedding gifts any man would receive from his newly wed wife but lately, there’s nothing as such any longer because it’ll have already been given out as a Birthday gift, token of Appreciation, Job assurance, Church collection, Examination marking schemes and for Lorry fares!” - MUGABE]. Who says husbands no more appreciate virginity as a gift. If you aren't a virgin any more, whether as a guy or as a lady, you can still make chastity a packaged gift to your spouse. Talking about the time for being chaste, the time starts now irrespective of being a male or a female. The time to prepare is now.

[''We are living in a generation where people 'in love' are free to touch each others' private parts but cannot touch each others' phones because they're 'private'” - MUGABE]. Celebration of continuous love isn't without a price. Whether guy or lady; trust, openness, partnership, tolerance and tenacity are gifts you can package for your spouse. Work on yourself to be just right for your partner. Remember how it all ends matters much. Guage the level of your preparation. If you take the low battery warning on your phone seriously, then better take this warning on preparation seriously too. To be fore warned is to be fore-armed. Don't let your lack of preparation promote divorce.
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EMOTIONAL CUDDLES - friendship; attention; part seven (07)

Complimenting a well dressed person (especially ladies that put effort into it), appreciating kind gestures, celebrating friends on media (birthday and likes), informal phone calls, text messages without special occasions, leaving encouraging comments on posts and articles that bless you, being generous with smiles, not taking people's needs foregranted etc. are all examples of giving attention which many neglect. Attention can be seen as innocent emotional cuddles and nobody was created too BROKE to PAY attention. Enjoying attention may be more obvious with ladies but even Adam needed it. Every single person needs attention.
Love could be defined as friendship set on fire but attention is one of the very cores of friendship. Attention is the rarest and purest form of generousity. It feels amazing to have someone's undivided attention, yet it's so easy to give less attention, without knowing it, to that one person we love or who loves us more than anything else. Attention is a sign that you care about your friendship with another person. It's selfish complaining no one sent you a seasonal message at a certain period without you sending to others; maybe the person has a right to complain you didn't send either. You musn't be the one being called all the time; why not put a call through to your friends/friend. You saw nine missed calls and it means nothing to you ( feeling If it's really important, he/she will call again), late replies to chats without explanations not to talk of no replies at all, one-one word chat messages when the other person is sending sentences etc.
Though one person can make a difference in improving the overall quality of the friendship, it is built on joint activities and common interest. Best friendships continue to thrive because each person makes their partner's needs just as important as their own. ''Attention is vitality. It connects you with others. It makes you eager. Stay eager'' - Susan Sontag. Giving quality attention is a gift from you to others and not for trade by barter. It's a character of those that influence lives. It's a virtue built on patience. He who desires to make friends must show himself friendly except you don't want to be friends with a particular person.
Love can be really painful but even more painful is when you are trying to stop it. It's so hard to pretend not to love a person when you really do. Authenticity always encompasses risks. Love's labour never gets lost; it just finds its way to places we fail to see; every experience is meant to make us better persons, if not, then the process you passed through becomes a waste. Love is a gift; loving someone over time only becuse you want something/love in return becomes a business. Years/time spent in stuffing emotions of desire without communicating it can backfire as emotional attatchment. Years of stuffing grief without facing those uncomfortable issues can backfire into a negative cycle of relationship.
The fuel of communication can be seen as attention. Clear communication can easily become priority if their isn't a need to hustle for attention. Receiving attention gives a welcome feeling. Over time it can build openess and freeness in the sphere of communications which enhances trust and connectivity. Attention attracts pure affection of love. A kid is easily drawn to his/her mum because of her attention which stirs affection. Some kids tend to love their dad more as they grow because he succeeds in paying attention to an area of their lives that suits their needs with respect to love language; so knowing the love language of your friend is an edge for better friendship since it gets you atuned with their needs, wants and desires the more.
As long as humanity is concerned, there's no different tribes without elements of similar vibes. No matter how different the genders, we can still have the same agenda. We shouldn't take advantage of our differences to invite hatred. Be quicker to listen and think than you are to speak. Patience builds far more than it repairs. Words either build emphatic bridges or create waste lands of distance between friends. Consciously give room for attention, to ehance healthy communication.
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TRUST - friendship; the best way to make a man trustworthy is to trust him; part eight (08)

["Deciding whether or not to trust a person is like deciding whether or not to climb a tree, because you might either get a wonderful view from the top or simply get covered in sap, and for this reason many people choose to spend their time alone and indoors, where it's harder to get a splinter" - LEMONY SNICKET] The sphere of trust is where we share our deepest secrets and freely stand most exposed; where we sacrifice for others without losing ourselves. Trust may be risky since mistrust makes life difficult but distrust makes life a prison. ["Relationships of trust depend on our willingness to look not only to our interest, but also the interest of others." - PETER FARQUHARSON] ["It is more shameful to distrust one's friends than to be deceived by them" - FRANCOIS]. Be it friendship or relationship, all bonds are built on trust; without trust, you got no good foundation; no relationship without communication, no love without respect, no foundation without trust; without the foundation, there is no reason to continue building. Relationships void of trust where partners play detective is not worth keeping except the issue with trust can be successfully resolved.

A relationship with no trust is like a cell phone with no service. All you do is play games. I can love you without trusting you. ["To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved" - GEORGE MACDONALD] It's not about terms and conditions or promises and loving declarations; a good relationship is built on trust and loyalty. One unique feature which the best of friendships can't exist without is trust. ["One must be fond of people and trust them if one is not to make a mess of life" - E.M. FORSTER]. When a friend always tells you about her problems, it doesn't mean that he/she complains; it means he/she trusts you, except he tells every acquaintance about his/her problems. It's normal to feel jealous about friends of the opposite sex which you have even the slightest erotic attraction to, but uncool not to let your partner go out into the world, and trust that he/she will come back.
When you have a good heart, you trust and love too much and seemingly hurt the most. ["You may be deceived if you trust too much but you will live in torment unless you trust enough" - FRANK CRANE] Trust is letting go of needing to know all the details before you open your heart. Succeeding in cheating someone doesn't necessarily make the cheated a fool; it means the cheated only trusted the cheater more than he/she deserved. The fact that broken trust is disheartening doesn't stop distrust from being expensive; it hinders openness and a free flow in communication, tolerance and tenacity, faithfulness to commitments etc. The fact that humans can fail us doesn't mean we have to scan all the people we meet with a lens of distrust before trusting them; the knowledge that someone doesn't trust you will certainly affect your friendship with that person. The best of your future will remain a shadow of your past if you continue letting your past control your present. ["The inability to open up to hope is what blocks trust" - ELIZABETH GILBERT] [ "ultimately, there can be no complete healing until we have restored our primal trust in life" - GEORG FEUERSTEIN]
["Without trust, words become hollow sounds of.a wooden gong. With trust, words become life itself" - JOHN HAROLD] ["You can't shake hands with a clenched fist" - INDIRA GANDHI] ["Trust men and they will be true to you; treat them greatly and they will show themselves great" - RALPH EMERSON] Don't just trust but be trustworthy. ["Trust and honesty is an investment you put in people" - RACHEL SCOTT]
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MY CHAIRMAN - I'm not in Aso Rock but I so rock

Baba God na the CHAIRman I dey TABLE matters to;
He swept away my FLAWS; lifted me beyond my CEILING,
Daily sits on my COUCH to COACH me about life,
Helps me WIN THOSE that stand out to block my open DOORS;

I call God the chair man 'cos he always carries people,
We all feel him wella; na Him dey CUSHION our weight,
Makes us comfortable always close to comfort tables,
His gospel dismisses spells and is like '' Go!! spell.''

Na Baba be the chairman wey dey make me dey cheer, man;
I'm a fair man wey no fear man in this unfair world
Because my God the father pass all dem Godfathers,
He supports me with legs; I'm more connected than Internet

God is good is my MOTTO; my Chairman DRIVES me like a BOSS,
He no dey ever TIRE to dey TURN my life around,
Popsi wey pass PEPSI wey don turn me super STAR,
I cried over spilled milk until the day he spilled his blood

The reason I scream is the ice cream of my chairman,
His eyes cream brightens my sight; so my high scream as I cheer, man;
Caused the cease of the seas that rage, and decease of my disease,
He is the Abba father who is not an Aba made

You no fit kill my cheer, man 'cos you no fit stop my chairman
I sometimes err but the throne of Grace is His chair, man;
Forget the guilty past; God expects you to cheer, man;
I'm not in Aso Rock but I so rock 'cos of my chairman.
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MY CASE IS DIFFERENT – in a divine covenant

My case is different; red ink flows in it,
Penning breakthrough by rows; Christ is that biro,
I’m Spirit-sealed in his word by the power in the blood,
Attentive and receptive; my wheels in his will

God’s word is my news; shows me success’ colour,
Can’t fail or lose; I’m a stranger to failure,
To sew what Satan rips, God is my tailor,
Christ sows and I reap; he’s the leading sailor

Don’t treat covenant oaths like mere cooker oats,
Divine transactions giving room for sanctions,
Without contradiction, God blesses our conviction,
A secured hope ‘cos his covenant is dope

This grace spares me from disgrace that spears souls,
Storms my life with peace; calls me his master piece,
I don’t see famine ‘cos he aids my farming,
Still eating balanced diet; it’s not time to die yet

Capacity of scarcity; disparity of prosperity;
What I’ve seen so far is not everyone suffers;
Looking foreign amidst local were drought looks for rain
The exemption covenant; Exception to suffering.
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BANKING ON GRACE - life related

This contest battle is INTERCONTINENTAL,
I bank on God FIRST, so I gidigba like elephant,
No DIAMONDS in my bank yet I give God the thanks,
With Christ as my KEYSTONE, I won't lose my FIDELITY

I got pound STERLING in my WEMA account,
My titanic move has never been OCEANIC,
And my GUARANTEED TRUST in reaching the SKY,
Is ECHOED in my ACCESS to the throne of grace

I'm carried along by the SPRING of Life,
I STAND BIG in positions that are ZENITH,
UNITY of the Spirit will make YOU BE 'A',
First and not last by banking on grace
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A PEACEFUL MIND - Sometimes the noise in our life is so much with no clarity on what to do

A farmer lost his watch in the barn. After searching for a long while, he enlisted the help of a group of children playing outside the barn. He promised the finder would be rewarded. Hearing this, the children hurriedly started an ultimate search. They found no watch.

Just when the farmer was about to give up the search, a little boy went up to him and asked to be given another chance. The farmer looked at him and thought, “Why not?” After a while the little boy came out with the watch in his hand!
The farmer was both happy and surprised; he asked the boy how he succeeded. The boy replied, “I did nothing but sat on the ground and listened. In the silence, I heard the ticking of the watch and just looked for it in that direction.”
A peaceful mind can think better than a worked up mind. Sometimes the noise in our life is so much with no clarity on what to do. The mind seems so occupied with lots of thoughts that promote fear, discouragement & anxiety. Let peace guard your heart all the time. Consciously clear your head and mind; be patient and listen.
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FATE ON THE SOLID ROCK - on Christ I stand

To save your chess, this king turned pawn,
A man of war who is like none,
When he leads, enemies run,
Sole keeper who never yawns

Victory won by what he's done;
The veil torn as grace is born,
Mourn no more for death is shun;
Our turn to blow life's horn

Yes! Trials brought the game on
But Abraham staggered to none,
Waited in faith till dawn;
Fate on the rock he stood upon

Blessed is the one to enjoy fun
At the rising of the sun;
He got his promised son;
Mockery and hardship gone.
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COMMUNICATION - friendship; unspoken words to spoken words; part six (06)

Sometimes, you don't like a person because they remind you of something you don't like about yourself. Most great relationships start from a place of conflict and evolve into something richer. Master your fear rather than be enslaved by it and communicate your concerns to make the paths clear of a relationship with misunderstandings. Note that no one likes to hear what he or she is doing wrong all the time, hence, in expressing your feelings or concerns, know the difference between speaking cordially calmly and nagging.

Without communication, people are left confused, upset and unsure in any given situation; don’t jeopardize a good thing just because you don’t want to communicate. Silent reactions kill the flow while worded action thrills the glow. Such reactions paint dirt on emotions without being caught in the art. Ignoring someone and not telling him or her why you’re acting as so is immature. Stop playing hard-to-get when there isn’t a game to be played. Rather than giving a cold shoulder, talk about it and clear up any confusion or misunderstanding.
Silent reaction stir ill feelings infested with misunderstandings; talk it out. If something has been unspoken; yearn for it. Something spoken too can be misinterpreted; that's why communication never ends its cycle. While silence often waters the root of bitterness, dialogue is the Golden Bridge that keeps friends together. Friendship isn't built on monologue but dialogue; it differs from tutoring; friendship is mutual and takes more than one party to work. Let your communication be open, honest and free of power.
Action to communicate your feelings, standards or what you want from a certain type of relationship is more effective than silent reactions; it blends intonations of agreement without exploding detonations of disagreement. Understanding actions appeal to emotions while misunderstanding reactions peels emotion which was on track, away from it's goal. Never say good bye if you still want to try. Don't give up and say you don't love a person anymore if unspoken words lurk in your heart. Transform those unspoken words to spoken words. Never give up if you feel you can still go on.

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UNIQUELY LOADED RIDDLES - bible riddles; books of the bible


1. Is related to a sense organ

2. Is part of a tree

3. Is important to a prophet

4. Does the mathematician love

5. Is enjoyed by couples

6. Can be used to stop a malam from touching your property

7. Can be used for transportation

8. Is the core of drama

9. Is an expression of grief

10. Should husbands always render to wives

11. Can be used for foundation

12. Works in a brewery

13. Is a ruler

14. Is needed before you leap

15. Can be used for local medicine

16. Was born as triplets

17. Is an advocate of the law

18. Is imported to Nigeria

19. Does the unemployed need

20. Is used by footballers

You can add your own riddle below, in the comment box

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LETTINA NUMAH – pengaze star

Since the Christ in NUMAH has made her a new man
LETINA soars higher as God keeps letting her
NUMAH LETINA sweet like new maltina
She’s a black beauty shining with grace as her polish

Her company is fun; lovely to walk with,
Fun as a companion; lively to work with,
At the feet of TINA, learnt a lot from her feit,
She’s worded and loaded; spiritually solid

Socially special beyond specially social,
Funny and thrilling; I rate her six star,
She’s a leader and a mother that suits sweet sister,
So much endearing, God bless you dearie

A girl so spiritual; works with time and always punctual,
Hardworking zeal so steady; she is an Iron-Lady,
Called her small TINA like maltina; Tina’s cool till now,
She is the super star I salute with seven ups.

Feits: a piece of information about circumstances that exist or events that have occurred
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PRECIOUS PRINCE – pengaze star

Actively creative; socially special,
Brother beyond boarder; no matter the weather,
Hardworking and in fact a man of great impact,
Filled with grace to bless the human race

Try bury am for water; he go rise pass garri,
Hin colour no dey riot but dey compete with rainbow,
Not talking chameleon but Presh-D the fresh’s beauty,
Glory is his story; integrity of duty

A drama lord wey no dey ever cast,
Dis one no be by Warri; he no dey carry last,
This one na PRINCE PRECIOUS wey pass Prince of Persia,
His knowledge is vast; leader never partial

Focused with purpose; glory is his story,
Godly and funny; taste the honey of TWIN STAR,
A Holy Ghost carrier favoured in his career,
Soft man setting the pace to attain first place.
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PRECIOUS ADEBOLA – pengaze star

A lady of strength whose efforts don’t relent,
Courage so different and life so salient,
Her smile is Godsent; her convictions never bent,
Whom Satan can’t dent; to whom God’s love is meant

Like the Holy Spirit, she's a great encourager,
Her true words that uplifts increases one's gear,
To speed on without brakes with a "God is good" motto,
Her word's like engine of motor, spices than ajinomoto

Sweet words that are juicy for love is her jersey,
Epitome of humility; example to society,
A mother and role model with the physique of a model,
PRECIOUS is Judicious, PRECIOUS is courteous

It's so precious when the crown birth's riches,
For the Yorubas call it "ADEBOLA",
Relish in perfect health in a pool of wealth,
To this cute soaring Angel that got wings like an Eagle.
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Chapel committee spice up events like pineapple,
Another flow for one of my friends in chapel,
Even my eye knows she is indeed an apple,
And I know by the Spirit that she is Christ’s disciple

God’s lifting ANTHONIA and turning her in for fame;
And toning her with wealth; good health to ANTHONIA,
Charming and caring attractive IMAYUSE;
IMAYUSE’s one of the best ma’am you’ll see

Priceless jewel; one in a million,
She ever dey do well; one in a million,
Admirer thinking of chasing her, oya, go sir;
And you’ll ever be favoured to be with OGHOSA

Jehovah the designer was the God who designed her,
Epitome of beauty without comma or B-U-T,
Where all go soar, sweetness comes with OGHOSA;
She is a star framed in heaven’s wall of fame.

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ESEOSA IGBINOSA - pengaze star

Celebrating the ESEOSA who’s always known to soar
  She is a girl picked as realistic to the peak;
Singled out as cool all through my stay in school;
Even my heart flew without a bird flu

ESEOSA wey dey glow with a receptive flow,
So humble so she doesn’t really show,
Divine love blows to wherever she goes,
Her glow's real with glory is what truth knows

Relating with her has taught lessons to me;
She's been a blessing to me pass indomie,
ESEOSA is one reason I ever so soar;
Sweet to soar with, with an eye that makes you high

Life's not fair as her skin but happy's ESEOSA
 Satan may try 'wayo' but she says, "No sir!"
Jesus keeps lifting her and she says, "Yes sir!"
  She's a Graced Essy; so graced is IGBINOSA.
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L-O-V-E-T-H; is how the name is spelt,
Beauty and glory is what rhymes with this LOVETH,
The beauty around LOVETH is more than a pools health,
The glory around LOVETH’s like a paradise of wealth

Always with IGWEBUIKE is a king that makes things Okay,
Control - Z no fit undo, the love of UZONDU,
When you see her in her gown, she's always looking set,
Fashionable LOVETH; beautiful shirts and pretty skirts

As long as our one and only Lord Jesus liveth,
Love is always felt in the sphere of LOVETH,
For God so loved the Earth and created Queen LOVETH,
Who is married to king Jesus who forever shineth.

Fantasic classic physique, unique for peak boutiques,
She's specially social, yet socially special,
Although some folks, actually may kick the bucket;
The water of life, will always fill your bucket.

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ODEGUA EUNICE - pengaze star

Let me jingle the cow's bell, to get over some milk
To this bread of peace, buttered by My Tea God;
Deserving more than three crowns; She's loyally meek,
Bic boy with Eleganza, describing her elegance here

She is a chair lady I always love to cheer
As I'll go the extra mile, just to see her smile;
At her sight I see stars, sister above sisi-stars,
The pillow on a bed, a bird you can't pull low

Everyday she Glows, the Earth is Alert,
Air Tells me of her birth, without Empty Ends,
Queen of Hearts hid in Christ, the awesome King of Ace,
So Jack can't club her heart, with a Joker card
Fantastic classic physique, unique for peak boutiques,
EUNICE; you nice, special and social,
Samkleezy feels your sisterly efizzy,
Long life in wealth; I mean health in prosperity.

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BARNABAS MACAULAY – pengaze star

Jesus is the master key I use on my voice,
That's why I'm singing so loud and not on low key,
This flow is for B’Mack, my key's B flat,
Off key or on key, Jericho walls fall flat

Singing in treble; parted as ought to,
A sole-pro-I-know that sings ten on parts,
Four beats in a BAR, NA BASS be my part,
As I wish him perfect health baptized in pools of wealth

He's life's a testimony, I'm talking B’Mack;
Life sometimes makes one feel he or she's being Marked,
Sometimes life makes me feel I'm following My calling,
You need a leader to follow? Just follow MACAULAY

Not too big to serve; not too small to lead,
A leader and ladder in wisdom’s divine grid,
Feeling him when he speaks as God keeps filling him,
With God as his chairman, no one can stop his cheer, man.
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BLESSING EZEKIEL - pengaze star

It isn't time for yapping but just some little rapping,
Her way of life be lessons; to souls, she's a blessing,
Girl lots got interest in 'cos she's so interesting,
The admirers troop in; dem boos keep tripping

Reality, not dreaming; Yes! Angels are drumming,
An Angelic celebrity; her fans keep jubilating,
I'm bouncing and commencing to join in the dancing,
The Jesus she's repping blesses her sowing and reaping

Matters arising; the sweetness of Blessing,
She's a blessed person by Jesus the risen,
Got power than Mike Tyson; Jesus the reason,
Her word spices than seasoning; good things never ceasing

I see care that's secure when I see Ezekiel,
S.S.V. folks know sey she dey care even pass day care,
She cares in this her realm, none starves or is sick here,

*S.S.V. : Secondary School Visitation group (under CU-NIFES)
*CU-NIFES: Christian Union Nigerian Fellowship of Evangelical Students
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FRIENDZONED - the other side of the ozone

You say I'm different from the crowd;
Shower you love rain from the cloud,
A passion burns in me like feever
To love you forever

Even from days of yore,
Ain't seen beauty like yours;
My emotion stirs a motion
Unhindered by emulsions
I sometimes wonder
What makes me wander
Into this emotional maze
That does amaze
Tried covering my eyes with a vale
But to no avail,
Tried getting you off my mind
But experience love is blind
Pushed into love's ocean;
Swimming strokes in slow motion,
Getting to the shore is success
As I hope for a sure access
The brain prompts hesitation
But my heart ignores the caution,
No one hopes for a dead end;
The declining trend
Don't get me friend zoned
At the other side of the ozone;
I'll get melted by the heat,
Knocked off my feet by the hit
What will be your action
When I pop the question?
Becoming the dancer
Depends on the answer.
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AWESOME IN YOUR WAYS - none can take your place

So unique indeed
To be in your loving grid,
Enjoying your loving seed;
Grateful for your gracious deed

Thanks for the latter rain
Poured out for my gain;
Refreshed again and again,
Your love made so plain

You're the ancient of days,
Awesome in your ways,
None can take your place;
My heart is your palace

I live to worship you,
Glad your grace sees me through,
Your love has been so true;
None can do the things you do

Made me whiter than snow
And play me love from the cello;
Amazed, I try to know
Why you love me so

Captioned with my biggest font,
You are all I want,
War fronts got fear to flaunt;
But I got you at my fore-front

Transformed me with your kiss
And now my life's full of bliss,
Your grace to flow's my grease,
Your word to feed's my cheese.
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IN A RELATIONSHIP - friendship; illustration; part five (05)

Relationship is a car containing two people; the driver and the driven. The guy is the driver while the lady is the driven. As a lady, don't enter a car going to Ojota when you know you aren't heading that direction. Imagine you asking the driver where he is going and he replies, ''I don't even know.'' Hahahah! OYO (On Your Own) state.

A guy who hasn't worked on himself to be Mr. Right is like a learner that tries to drive a lady. ''Test running things''. The accident may be fatal enough to make the heart bleed. Likewise, a lady who hasn't worked on herself can be likened to a passenger that boards a car without T-fare and expects the driver to be happy. Anyway, with God all things are possible.
The idea of both parties getting to the destination means coming to agreement of him being a life time driver and she being driven for life. Note! The same car used for the temporal journey (before marriage) will be the same car for the permanent journey (after marriage). A broken relationship is better than a broken marriage
Imagine a driver pretends to be going to Lagos from Benin only to stop at Ore (which is almost half the journey); as a lady, you mean you'll abandon your destination and agree for him to be your life time driver for better for worse? Likewise, the lady that pretends to go to Lagos and decides to stop at Ore can't force the driver to remain in Ore when his destination is Lagos. Also, a lady that pretends to be going to Ore only to extend her journey to Lagos later on can't force the driver to Lagos. ''You better find another driver to complete your journey.''
If the driver treats you like a slave throughout the journey and you still choose to knot the tie, maybe your compensation will be your maid calling you ''Oga Madam''
The motor fit no get A.C. but hin get window. Shock absorber fit get fault but cushion dey seat. Speed fit no too dey but at least na forward motion. Before you pick a rose, be ready to handle the thorns. As a lady, if you aren't comfortable with his car and you know you can't cope, 'Abeg no knot tie o'; marriage counsellors already got enough work to do. If all she did was complain through out the journey, you on the A.C., play music, avoid pot holes and even try to make her laugh but she replies with naggings and frowns; don't expect a miracle after marriage. If you can't change yourself to soothe her ways while in a relationship then I guess your marriage will need magic to work out without either of you walking out.
As a driver, your car should always be fuelled. 'Driver dat his fuel stop half way, is dat one driver?' 'But come to think of it sha' since you're both going to the same destination, haba! You can still assist driver with fuel na. Abi, is it only fuel that makes journey comfortable and interesting ni? A.C., music and conversations nko? The fact that you're richer or his fuel isn't enough shouldn't remove sense from your head.

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The fact that Esther bleaches doesn't get her established,
Coke and Kola together doesn't make cocacola,
Concocting teddy and beards doesn't make teddy bears;
Sometimes, sims don't have network; sometimes, things aren't what they seem.

The hilarious bill of the clean thing called reciprocated love;
Oh! Bar man's heart is broken for losing her to Obama,
She has been very patient yet Goodluck's heart's still on locks,
She boos Harry off just because she loves Buhari

He's in love with the Rihanna who says,''I ain't your real Hannah'',
Wants Beyonce as Feyonce as if she calls him the real dearie,
Craves Alicia's kiss but got no luck to her heart;
You take him so dear but he sees you as deer for dessert;

The police pleads,''please'', yet, she sold her love to the soldier,
Ten cuties tripping for the Landlord who just sees them as ten ants,
And Gina loves engineers so it's a duck tour for the doctor,
The nurse he loves doesn't nurse his feelings so the fireman's emotion remains on fire

Ready to wait for Eva but she wants him to wait forever,
Steve's heart goes stiff the eve he proposed to Eve;
Bows this knee to his Disney Angel but this ends in a diss,
He's been desiring this Irene but she's eyeing another

See words from Zee world to woo in a life of telemundu,
But she plays him like reggae without romantic blues;
If I waylay Awele as though I'm Bush from the ambush,
Won't end a clean thing for us 'coz Love's force can't be forced.

If a BUSH or BAR man became president of U.S.A.,
A TAILOR became the president of Liberia,
A GATE man became the world's richest,
Then good fortune and patience will blow your TRUMP.
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I pledge to my father
No matter the weather
To be spiritually ernest
And humanly honest

To flee worldly lust
And reach out to the lost
In all that I do
I'll permit no idol

I'll only be thankful
To the one who made my tank full
Forever grateful
Because I'm not a great fool

Grateful for his glory
That made my glow real
And thankful for my release
Into real ease
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RELATIONSHIP - friendship; don't rush into a relationship; part four (04)

When the foundation of a house isn't good, no matter how beautiful the house is, the house comes down during the storm. Working for yourself to be Mr. or Miss right for your either known or unknown partner to be is the process of digging that foundation. It's true that the reason for lots of problems in a relationship is 'cos many are in the wrong relationship but the fact remains that no matter the criteria for qualifying a right relationship, not having a foundation with respect to working on yourself can bring the most seemingly perfect relationship down.

Despite the fact that it takes a life time to know someone, never use that as an excuse to rush into love; that's why you just don't have your heart to feel but also have a brain to think and reason. When you don't check yourself, you will wreck yourself; delay gratification. Pay now to play later; let go of now to lay hold on the future. It takes an individual having a destination in mind to be on point and on course; only a fool runs faster on a wrong road. Don't rush into a relationship without knowing what you want.
Confidence is a catalyst to great achievement and fulfillment; only a fool calls confidence pride. It's easy to be confident when you love yourself and what you do; when you are sure of satisfying progress. Be the king of your sphere; be the queen of your decisions. Don't evade taking responsibilities for your mistakes; it re-focuses you to the right path. Defeat is a temporal hurdle meant to spur you to do better by putting in more effort; it only becomes a permanent blockage if you lose focus of where you are heading to. Never get intimidated by your mistakes or by temporary defeat. Remain confident in the sphere of love (for your self, the things you do, the progress you're making and the people you daily relate with). Don't be changed by circumstance or people that try to pull you out of the sphere of love.


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BELIEVERS!!! ARISE - reach out to the lost

We got to take this higher
This is God's desire
A call so pressing
That should make us press in

Press in to the harvest
That the weary may have rest
Sin is the locust
We'll take out at all cost

Reaching out to the lost
Not an option but a must
Already got the word
To reach out to the world

Believers arise
As for me I rise
To reach out in faith
Through love to change men's fate
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APRIL FOOLS - happy new month; turn a new leaf; psalm 14:1

Last month is over; gone too forever
But by Jehovah's grace, I remain a believer,
Circumstance may manoeuvre but I won't believe her;
we have crossed over and so we take over

We jubilate and celebrate; fate of the fortunate;
Grateful we aren't great fools which fortune ate,
We Elevate, not relegate; God helps us not to depreciate;
Appreciate the God that made your value appreciate

This new month of April, your joy will be full;
God 'no go let' Satan prank you like April fool,
APRIL: Anointed Persons Relish In Love to rule;
Divine technique from the vine; a standard rule

Don't be an 'April fool' that believes there is no God
Psalm 14 verse 1 is the message from the Lord;
In this messed age, it's God's word to the world,
So break your heart's pod; corrected by God's rod

April fools have goofed; thinking God to be a lie,
If they die under doubts roof, shocking truth will make them cry;
To escape death's wolf, accept Christ as sire;
Like a horse with hoofs, race back to the Most high

Worship not just with mouth but a heart that walks,
Yes! Walks in the light through divine gracious works;
Not just by talks but the gracious work that rocks,
Choose grace and not luck to avoid the future shocks.
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