THE MOST NOBLE CONTRADICTION - I'm heavy in light; the light in darkness

The subject matter is about matter that really matters. I'm heavy in light; the light in darkness; I rather have weight than just occupy space. From a direct angle, my life's length relies on God's breath of life. Sometimes, life's fair enough without a skin of bee-leeches; sometimes, boring enough to leave holes in the heart. I dare source pens dear for suspense up a road of ideas to express a junction of the most noble contradiction not in diction but history; love on the cross which makes joy kiss the lips of laughter into hearts decorated not with hats but crowns of glory. A king treated as slave; lion turned a lamb in his jungle; creator cursed to bless his creation. The best we can do is worship him not just with lips but in Spirit and truth.

Because it is finished, this appointment is without dissapointment. All I pray for already be for me standing before me. Complete inheritance; the questions drill me but I inherit the answers through the Spirit that has made me a dancing king than David. A lot of by gonnes by guns, yet, I enjoy great delight 'cos I dwell in the light.

Not about the trance formations but transformation; divine information from the vine is what prevents the formation of deformation. No more barred areas of barriers by arrears, yet my desire isn't just to launch this higher in my secular career as a Holy Ghost carrier. To my fellow sheep in fellowship, you don't come with a war ship to the place of worship; worship of obedience to live his grace; to leave the wheels in his will

A parable isn't needed to pare a bull called satan; grace reduced his works to nothing already. Christ revoked the bond age, yet sin has sinners in bondage. The destined nation for doom already has its destination changed by Christ, yet the dragon still drags on souls using fiery darts of guilt to cage even the sage without Christ; we're to pray out every prey from the snare of the evil of the devil; unveiling the concealation of the word to enable the canscelation of sin effects and effect reconciliation.
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BE CAREFUL OF WHAT YOU DECIDE - being clean isn't a function of routine

Careful of what you decide;
Adam ate the fruit and died,
Cut away from Jehovah's side;
The life of dominion was denied

What's the essence
Of your preference
If it's got no reference
To God's presence

Wow! Christ brought reconciliation
For constant divine communication,
Stemming from our heart's dedication
In the best of all dimension

God's Spirit can't
Be in me and be dormant,
He is the informant;
It's his wisdom I chant

He is the flow I carry
That glows in my story;
A glow of glory
That countered satan's furry

Oh! How he loves us;
Broke the curse
And changed our life's course;
A new realm endorsed

Being clean
Isn't a function of routine
But the love shed within;
Uncomprehended by sin

The fruit Adam ate cut him like a knife
But you can decide to taste Christ who's the tree of life,
He gives life free of strife;
No other way to eternal life.
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HIN NO DEY OVER BELIEVER - it is ''impossican't''; spoken word; samkleezy

My brosis and sisis! No be small thing o. Some sadist been try make me the least but na Baba help me resist even when dem persist. I no even know sey dem target my bone and marrow with the arrow of sorrow to finish my tomorrow.


As God show to stop their wayo, na hin sand sand enter the flow of their paro na. Na dat time dem foe wey bin dey call me zeroe know sey I get commando wey pass Jack Sparrow. The number one hero wey pass Jando. Na why I dey glow wherever I go o jere.

Ol boy! It is not a small something. Satan the deceiver bin try maneoveur things to over me but I thank God for Jehovah the sweetest lover ever wey dey make my joy run over like a river with a divine cover. Base on believer wey I be na, Jehovah go remain my deliverer forever and ever and ever jor because hin no dey over believer. Chai! It is very ''impossican't''

Godfatherism dey make people dey do some kind evil dey serve devil but dem no get level. After all even if we no get Godfather, we still get God the father wey dey take us further beyond the border line wey dey make men bother about one or two things until dem begin wonder how we take reach the top of the ladder. Na everyday I dey elevate not to relegate. Na why I dey jubilate and go still dey celebrate
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IN AWE OF MY WOMAN - The tactical blaze of your magical face

The tactical blaze
Of your magical face
Is a practical case
Of God's radical ways

Your wonderful physique
Is a powerful classic,
You're delightful and fantastic
Without colourful antiques

Photoshop was what I thought,
But you're much cleaner than the shots;
No wrinkles or spots;
So uniquely hot

The sight of you burst my brains,
I plight my heart to you again,
The flight will go through despite the rain;
Alright and left to flow in Love's veins

The splendour of your hips
Is the glamour on dem lips;
My heart got armour, yet trips;
God sculptured you from thoughts so deep

Accommodating and attractive,
Endearing and receptive,
Creative and constructive,
Productive and supportive

Charming and exciting,
Stunning and enchanting,
Ecstatic aura so interesting,
Your words are elevating.

*title suggested by Ijeoma Chiyem Chukueku
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NEVER GIVE UP - The moment you are ready to quit is the moment right before a miracle happens.

"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up" - Thomas Edison. The sages say that, “if you are going through hell, keep going”. Rather than looking at how far you are yet to go, why not consider how far you have gotten, so the minute you think of giving up, think of the reason why you held on for so long.

Things aren’t always what they seem; greatness isn’t achieved by never falling but rising each time we fall, after all, we all started with knowing nothing. Not getting what you want doesn’t mean you are a failure, it only means that you ought to try harder the next time. You may not get a “YES” right now but could abbreviate the “NO “to “Next Opportunity”. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger because hope stays alive as long as you breathe in and breathe out. I once heard, “repetition of mistakes is a decision”; don’t allow today bring you down because tomorrow is pregnant for something great. The best way to keep the flag flying is to be a winner and the only way to be a winner is never to quit. You can be anything you want to be if you put your heart to it; loving what you do and believing it is great work is one sure path to satisfaction. If your mind can conceive it and your heart can believe it, then you can achieve it.

Anyone can rise; don’t let small minds convince you that your dreams are too big. There is no limitation to what a man can achieve except that which he places on himself by his mind. Just when the caterpillar thought its life was over, it began to fly. Don’t stop when you’re tired but when you’re done. The moment you are ready to quit is the moment right before a miracle happens.  “Good things come to those who believe, better things come to those who are patient and the best things come to those who don’t give up. It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up”- Babe Ruth

I rather start over than give up. Don’t give up, the beginning is always the hardest but it leads to happy endings. If you don’t give up, one day, you’ll look back and be glad you didn’t. Wanting to give up is a test of how much you want something; not giving up is proving how much you do. “Being defeated is often a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent”- Marylyn Savant. Giving up on your goal because of one setback is like slashing your other three tires because you got a flat one. The past is your lesson, the present your gift and the future, your motivation. There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart, pursue those. Give yourself reasons why you can rather than why you can’t.
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TIME - Wisdom and understanding gets the competition settled; part two (02)

Time makes many hustle;
Many never come to the end of the struggle,
Beating time isn’t a function of how well you wrestle;
Wisdom and understanding gets the competition settled

It’s wise to be on time,
Unwise to be behind time,
Not bad to be ahead of time;
How well have you managed this inevitable time

It’s either you make time a useful tool
Or time makes you a useless fool;
A lifting stool to your potential
Or drowning pool of your potential

It’s true that life is a stage
And beating time isn’t about your age;
It depends on how you spend each life page
Without being trapped in time’s cage

As long as you still have time
Then you can still beat time;
Remember! You just got one life time
To actually beat time

The competition with time is a race;
God has poured his grace
On every human race
To take the first place.

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TIME - It’s wise to be on time until your vision and destination rhyme; part one (01)

An unnoticed opponent is time;
Not knowing is not be a crime
But knowing right now won’t cost you a dime;
It’s wise to be on time until your vision and destination rhyme

No opportunity to undo mistakes of the past ‘cos past time is gone,
There’s opportunity to correct mistakes ‘cos present time is still on;
If the present that was determined by your past time is a mistake,
Then make the future that is to be determined by your present time be a correction

Do it now
Without thinking how,
Utilizing every single power
That lies in each passing hour

Your desire is unprocessed flour,
Your vision is a growing flower,
Right decisions shoot it higher,
Passionate mission roots it deeper

Whether man or woman,
We all are humans
Facing this opponent that we’re bigger than;
Just that we can’t win without a plan.

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SPECTACLES - ushering men into Christ’s community through the power of Christianity; spoken word;

I believed in God, yet, entangled to an angle by bangles of the law. I was entangled in tentacles that made me buckle; depraved and enslaved with what my nature craved. You see, my struggle was awesome, yet, not enough for my ransom. I was winsome but not enough for my freedom; appeared handsome but remained in the law’s bosom. I couldn’t blossom in a kingdom so fearsome. That was how I became an object of ridicule.

With a sickle to my neck and a chain to my ankle, I couldn’t sparkle or tinkle without speckles of wrinkle. I heard Satan chuckle ‘cos I couldn’t leave the circle of ridicule without a miracle. A lot of noise influenced my choice. That’s when I heard a still small voice call me unto salvation; I’ve made you an oracle in my tabernacle; given you the grace to operate from its pinnacle because a “spectacle” is what I have made you. I got the simple principle to follow Jesus’ example as His disciple. I am his temple; he lives in me.

I upgraded from humanity to divinity through Christ’s ability that transcends reality. It was difficult breaking my will once I was in charge of the wheel so my deal was, “Jesus, take the wheel”

We are spectacles.
Spectacles to many who die in iniquity, ushered into a Christless eternity
Spectacles ushering men into Christ’s community through the power of Christianity
Spectacles portraying to the world, a history of the mystery of the victory of all victories about the slain lamb who rose again and now reigns; seemingly died like a fool but now rules in full.

What I saw was a lamb slain for our gain; his muscles strained in pain as blood drained from his veins into a plain cleansing fountain. Yet, looking around, I saw destinies shattered to the ground. Though grace abounds, many are still bound, yet to be found by the found. Remember! He once came for the needy but is returning for the ready.

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IN THE CIRCUMFERENCE OF HIS PRESENCE – I carry the Holy Ghost; spoken word; samkleezy

My first goal as I commence is to stress the awareness that the Lord is presently present to present presents to those presently within the circumference of his presence because the essence of his presence is the emergence of a glory with a difference whose awesomeness produces a conscience void of offence which serves as our fence of defense against the fierceness of Satan’s pretense

The totality of our identity’s reality as entities of humanity through the authenticity of our connectivity to the trinity’s divinity lies in the practicality of our heart’s sincerity of the humility of Christ’s personality in entirety.

Our divine connection to the God of creation has placed us in a position of ministration for the implementation of reconciliation through the demonstration of God’s impartation which breaks the condition of limitation that’s upon the nations of humanity, bringing a portion of solution to the situation of confusion in this generation through the power of regeneration.

If you want success, you’ve got access to the key of progress not just through what you confess but what you profess since we have total freedom to harness wisdom from the kingdom of the author of wisdom. That’s why it is impossible for a barrier to stop the career of the Holy Ghost carrier.

Finally, in case you couldn’t get a testimony out of the test, then try getting a message from the mess because while it’s not utterly wrong to be wrong, it’s totally wrong to remain wrong.
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YOU'RE BORN TO SUCCEED - given the grace to take the first place

You're born to succeed
Born to take the lead
But growing this potential seed
Entails clearing every weed

Not wrong to make mistakes
As long as you do all it takes
To correct what's at stake
Not righting wrongs drowns you in the lake

You need to nurture
Your heart with scriptures
Not to let failure's torture
Blur the future picture

Our God created success
Which surpasses distress
His Spirit bears witness
Of this awesomeness

Filled with diligence
Freed from negligence
Utilizing patience
To make a difference

Progressing already
Yet, ever ready
To proceed steady
Despite feeling giddy

The Ancient of Days
Who's awesome in his ways
Has given us the grace
To take the first place
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THE VINE THAT'S DIVINE - You're my hiding place and deserve all the praise

Was in a bad spot
Till you came forth;
Pulled me into comfort
And gave my life worth

Inclined my heart to your will;
I Accepted salvation's seal,
Free life was the deal;
I gladly surrender the wheel

All that I do
Is to run after you;
I thirst for you
Most mighty and true

Ancient of days,
You're my hiding place
And deserve all the praise
That I now raise

You're the perfect example
Standing in God's temple;
You made your love simple
To clear off sin's pimple

I long for more of your presence
In unwavering patience
'Cos it's the real essence
Of true love with a difference

My messiah and desire
No other God this higher,
Made my life easier; I call you sire,
Wiser than all other; great baptizer

The vine that's divine;
Designed me for more than the sign,
Paid the fine that got me defined
As light that shines and is finely refined.
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THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD - The delight of his sight

It's nice and better
To do the fundamental;
It's better now than later
To surrender to our potter

In the power of his might
He has given us the right
To be the light;
The delight of his sight

He died on the cross
Just to make us rejoice;
Now, you got to make your choice
To respond to his voice

Your decision shouldn't drag;
Throw off the burden bag
And your self righteous rag;
Grace won't make you lag

Christ is the door to God's kingdom;
His voice is saying come,
He has prepared an amazing welcome
To shield you from the storm

All we need do is believe
In what Christ has achieved;
That's the basic way to receive
The righteousness God gives

And you'll become a new creature
Having righteousness as culture;
Believer living by scriptures
And built on divine structure

The righteousness of God
In the newness of His word;
'cos the fullness of the Lord
Has shed his love abroad.
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YOUR WORD - your word is alive; the giver of life

Your word is quick
And unfathomed by tricks;
It strengthens the weak
And can make a lion meek

Your word is so powerful;
It made me beautiful,
Your word is resourceful;
Made my cup full

Your word, oh Jehovah
Has made my senses sharper;
Serves as my soul's keeper
When the way gets steeper

People losing hope
All over the globe;
Your word has made me dope
And not strangled by ignorance's rope

Lifted from beneath
By this sword of the Spirit,
Your word is sweet;
Yes! The food my soul eats

Your word is alive;
The giver of life,
Frees hearts from strife,
Sharpest sword; not a knife.
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THE LINK WITH JEHOVAH - Hear the beating of victory's gong

The king in me
Who set me free
Has parted my red sea;
All I see is mercy

Only a great fool
Isn't mindful
Of being grateful
To our God who is faithful

I've got freedom
To access the wisdom
From the kingdom
Of the author of wisdom

We can bear the cross
And maintain the right course
Through the Lord Jesus
That strengthens us

The fight may be long,
But my faith is strong;
Hear the beating of victory's gong;
Hear me sing the conqueror's song

Can't have low self-esteem
While abiding in Him;
The Spirit makes me a rising steam;
I'm part of God's team

Do you know who you are?
The link you got with Jehovah
Makes him more than a father;
He is your greatest lover.
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OUR COVER FOR EVER - Don't worry about your story it will end in glory

Don't worry about your story,
It will end in glory;
Not troubled being humble,
It aids not to stumble

Not tired of God's fire;
'twill lift you higher,
Faith's eye doesn't lie;
Even when you don't know why

All your shame and blame
Is cancelled in Jesus' name
And your name's been framed
On heaven's wall of fame

Don't forget this rule,
Believers aren't fools;
They eventually rule
Without being bulls

Don't be tied to pride;
It won't favour your side,
God's the guide
That shields you from the back slide

I'm happy you're a believer
Who believes in Jehovah;
Our greatest lover ever;
Our cover forever.
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CONTINUOUS FELLOWSHIP - He pushed me to resume radiating God’s perfume

The last time I checked
Everything was wrecked;
With the ship wrecked,
I drowned and couldn’t trek

The Spirit communes
To make you immune;
He pushed me to resume
Radiating God’s perfume

His fountain of water
Cleared the stain in my eye;
Healing rained from on high
In chains from the sky

Grace got me drenched;
The fire of guilt was quenched;
Sweetness replaced the stench;
I’m back a ready soldier with fists clenched

Unique relationship
Of continuous fellowship;
Genuine friendship;
Spiritual worship

We’re God’s treasure
Created for God’s pleasure
In a graceful measure;
Not to live for worldly pleasure.
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UNITED IN CHRIST - Christianity is not a competition so stop the denomination confusion

Christianity is not a competition
So stop the denomination confusion;
Return from the direction of diversion
To the ministry of reconciliation

Put aside the division complication
And be conscious of our participation
In the divine nature from Christ’s ordination
And unification of saints to His exaltation

Time has duration
So let’s take our task to completion,
Preaching the good news of salvation
And sanctification from pollution’s destruction

The fullness of Jehovah’s glorification
Lies in our spirit man’s beautification;
All saints have a living condition
To give God adoration

Our life is worship to God’s kingship;
Life of sonship to the father’s lordship;
More of friendship than partnership;
A relationship in life’s safest ship

Our faith is in God;
Our fate lies in his word;
We are to wait on the Lord
Whose love till date is shed abroad.
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I AM A WORK IN PROGRESS - taught to take my place in God's palace

I'm a son of the most high and I know my inheritance,
That's the reason why my life is not by chance,
I'll forever follow your will 'cos you loved me with zeal,
Made your blood the seal that cleared my pending bill

No matter what I do, it's very true
That without you, there's no pulling through,
I always thank the Lord for his unfailing word;
It's the only living sword that's sovereign in this world

Despite enemies of progress, I'm still a work in progress,
My path of light won't digress; I remain in God's congress,
I'm of a divine brand on the palms of his hand,
Sometimes I sit, sometimes stand but not on sinking sand

God's the potter, I'm the clay; he's my model everyday;
His works influence me day by day; his way's my way and only way,
Satan the enemy can't stand the God in me;
He tries the inner me but bows to the God in me

God prunes me in his ways through ancient words of grace;
Teaching me to take my place as a god in His palace,
My life is meant for worship; obedience to his Lordship;
A life of stewardship; relationship of friendship.
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AUTHOR OF THE GOSPEL - he pours his love on you and expects the same of you

You're the Lord that cannot lie
You're alive and cannot die
That's the reason why
You're the Lord most high

You're the Lord that reigns on high
In realms beyond the sky
You are the Lord most high
That's who you are

There's no other Lord
Like the most high God
He is true to his word
Very true to the world

What he says he will do
Is exactly what he will do
He pours his love on you
And expects the same of you

The slain lamb called a fool
But now the lion that rules
Author of the gospel
Yes! The good news in full.
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WOUNDED SOLDIER - Let us love according to how God is commanding

A leader like a ladder; christians surrounding,
He is backsliden; believers at his back hidden,
Accused of backsliding and supporters go hiding,
Let us love according to how God is commanding

Our actions make him falter; the opposite speaks of grace,
Weights he suffers don't matter 'cos critics occupy his space,
Backbiting for that matter; can't tell it to his face,
Never turn the unseen hater that's respectful on the surface

Moses interceeded for Isreal; fasted selflessly; a leader!
Later left at the rear; none interceeded for this brother,
So also, you'd find it rare; prayers for spiritual fathers,
Fallen brethren aren't squirrells; don't throw them stones; love's the order

God calls him a rose but you only see the attatched thorns,
Rather than laugh at his errors, why not pray for his return,
Shooting him arrows isn't what will cause his U-turn,
You call him fallen sparrow; tomorrow may be your turn

He is indeed a soldier, just that, he is wounded,
But you move your soles there to get him apprehended,
Don't treat him with soda; 'twill get issues compounded,
God holds his soul dear; that's what I've concluded.
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OMODAJI BLESSING - pengaze stars

An angelic creation; kudos to Ancient of days,
The blaze of her swags can place you in a daze,
OMODAJI can't be dry; God's blessings rain on her,
OMODAJI is a BLESSING; her reign is from on high

OMO with DAJI; what a great collabo,
Like OMO with the G; yeah! G for glory,
Testimony is what summaries her story,
Iyawo Jesu; she too love Jesus

Always sniffing worship and coughing out praise,
Unique in her style and fantastic classic ways,
Got confidence in God; many call her confidant,
A soldier to the root; truth is what she shoots

Talking teaching the word, Mama B. kills it,
The way she puffs the word keeps her high in the Spirit,
A lady that matters; occupies space in the Spirit,
Spiritual elephant; her weighty words; I feel it.
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CHAMPIONS FALL BUT GET UP - Whether active or ghost mode, ''continue!'' is the code

Move on and don't stop;
Press on to the very top,
You may flop but don't give up;
Champions fall but get back up

The reason winners don't quit
Is because their hearts still beat;
As long as you still breathe
Don't give up on your running kits

Sleep with your running shoes clean;
Chasing your dreams is the basic thing,
A pure hustle not needing Klin;
Forget past down falls in the bin

The Goliath facing David;
Obstacle so rigid and vivid;
When faith is your sown seed,
Your good fate won't bleed

Be always on track;
Never lose your marks,
Your best efforts got your back;
So never you look back

Whether active or ghost mode,
''Continue!'' is the code;
An eagle in the cold;
A lion ever bold.
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BETTER LATE THAN LATE - it's not a crime to wait

The word of God
From our good Lord
Breaks every hardened pod
And binding cods

There's a duration
For every depression
And a solution
To challenging situations

His love has shown
That you are not alone;
The Spirit makes you grown
To fight to the bone

The Lord Most High
Can never die,
A God that cannot lie;
He'll lift you beyond the sky

Despite the dark
God got your back,
His love is on track;
He doesn't slack

Sow seeds of faith
And reap fruits of good fate,
It really pays to wait;
God is never late.
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BE MAGNIFIED AND GLORIFIED - God my chairman turned me cheer man

I feared the morrow and threats
Of chords of sorrow and death;
Terrors of Sheol upon the earth;
Hallows of anguish of regret

You spilled your blood and had me bought,
You subdued fears that I fought,
Inclined your ear to hear my thoughts;
Granted the desires I sought

God my chairman turned me cheer man;
Rather than great fool, I'm grateful,
Wasn't about my prayer but mercy from on high;
You've been faithful and I'm here to lift you high

Be magnified and glorified,
Enthroned on high, oh! Lord most high,
None like you or can do what you do,
You never die; you never lie

You made me classic, unique and fantastic,
Blocked Satan's trick to lift me to the peak,
I always thrive in life 'cos you're forever alive,
I matter much to you; more than the science of life too.
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God goes before you to make crooked places straight,
He'll be behind you to grant you good fate,
He'll lead you through every single gate,
His word is true; patiently wait

What a very mighty God we serve,
Pours his love on us without reserve,
His grace and mercy are things we don't deserve,
But his word is true; patiently wait

Raise hands high in praise to God that doesn't die,
Lives in realms on high as our God; the one Most High,
Brought his love so nigh; love that money cannot buy,
One thing you can't deny is that he can never lie

Your joy cannot end 'cos God is with you till the end,
Beginning and the End that tends to no other end,
Faithful friend to the end that never blends with any bend,
The End none comprehends; Solid Rock truth recommends

Solid rock on which I stand; other ground is sinking sand,
You shall be blessed in the land when on the palms of his hands,
As a Jesus brand; soldier under Jesus' command,
There's no foe you can't withstand; nothing you can't understand.
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THANK YOU, I AM THAT I AM - my birthday has seen no death day

Jehovah my father  has taken me farther
Than how Godfathers can 'cos he's God the father;
Creative Abba father; doesn't do Aba made,
My deliverer and lover that keeps me a believer

Despite the night's fight, no mourning in the morning,
All I wake up to see is God's divine mercy,
Christ is the pastor that restores my lost pasture,
The tears I shed and fears I dread all gone and dead

Satan tried  and lied to make me slide from God's side;
Tied to God despite the tide, I relied on him to abide,
Get the behind me, Satan! You're meant for the backside;
Grace shines the light on my path; ain't meant for the backslide

Most powerful and merciful, your blessings make me cheerful,
I'm grateful you've been faithful; shielding me from the dreadful,
What can I do to show I'm grateful to you;
Omega! What can I offer for bringing me thus far

Here I am just to thank you; thank you I am that I am
Thanking you for a long life of peace free of strife,
Months and weeks gone by but life never told me bye,
Many died before today but my birthday has seen no death day.
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HIS WORD IS MY MIGHT - With God's word as my might, I win every fight

His word shines as light
To brighten my sight,
With God's word as my might
I win every fight

Having receptive hearts is our role;
Words hotter than coal
Reaching for my soul
To make me whole

I grow up daily in the Father's ways,
Viewing my self's x-rays
Through the Son's rays,
From words of the Ancient of days

Your word lifts me up
And shuts Satan up;
Helps me not to give up
Even if I flop

That the Spirit is a teacher is very true;
To often hear him speak to you,
You got to listen too;
He'll surely lead you through

Despite the giants at your rear,
Open your ear
And you will hear
Words of faith to conquer fear.
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MY SURE COVER - Lion of the tribe of Judah

When I think of all you've done for me;
How you died for me and now live in me,
Rescued me from my enemy,
And brought me into your family

You died on a cursed tree
Just to set me free,
Opened my blind eyes to see
How you've calmed the raging sea

You came as the spoken word,
Yes! The word turned flesh and blood,
A divine flaming sword
Sent to an earth without form and void

King of kings and Lord of lords;
You guide me with your staff and correcting rod,
You broke my heart's hardened pod
And destroyed all my binding cods

Oh! Lion of the tribe of Judah;
You made me find you without the ultimate search of gulder,
You're the father that carries me on your shoulder;
When life becomes a jungle, you make me bolder

All I've got to say is thank you Jehovah;
You're the greatest lover and I'm yours forever,
Whatever comes my way, I remain a believer;
You're my sure cover that gives me joy like a river.
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THE KING FROM HEAVEN - he gave up life's bliss for death's diss

Despite being Lord
You came to shed your blood
On behalf of a world
Disobeying your word

You gave up your life
For those that resisted your strife,
They cut you with a knife;
You still groomed them to be your wife

Heaven to earth; a crazy drive;
You're the reason grace arrived
To revive and make us thrive;
We dive into you to survive

King sent from heaven
Into death's coven
Carrying the grace woven
To subdue sin's leaven

Lord of divinity
That died for humanity;
Transformed entities of inferiority
To superiority through his seniority

He became the slain king
Just to make us sing;
He conquered death's sting
And made the joy bells ring

With his love fore given
To make us forgiven,
The simple step's believing
For our spirit to be living

Freed from death through his kiss
None other can love like this;
Eternity is his
But for our sake suffered death's diss.
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THE PRODIGAL SON RETURNS - Yes! I lost my way, But I'm back to stay

I see your light ray
That shows me the way
Back to your pathway,
Where the prodigal son turns okay

Yes! I lost my way,
But I'm back to stay
In your path each day
Oh! Ancient of Days

I've fallen yet again
Crashing with such pain
Which makes my weakness plain
And my efforts vain

But grace makes me gain
the cleansing and healing rain
From Christ's blood fountain
Which flows in my vein

Standing up to Satan's roar
Has never been by power;
Having blossomed flower
Isn't by heights we tower

As God's tower every hour
I daily enjoy the shower
Of Blessings that don't go sour,
I don't lack bread; God's word's my flour.
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A SHOUT OUT TO THE STREETS - The future will be alright When we become the spotlight

I know life no be beans
But swim through like you got fins,
Life on the street na hustling things;
The one who quits never wins

Na for better life we dey fight
But all we see are street lights;
The future will be alright
When we become the spotlight

Ajepako without butter
All the same I no go falter;
I no chop but dey drink water
But one day hin go better

The joy of the rain age
But treated like the drainage,
Expelled from the reign age
Making life seem like a cage

Life isn't what it seems;
When I sew, they rip the seams,
Got no phone; they gift me sims,
I no get leg but still chase my dreams

God give me mouth to pray;
Oluwa! Hustle must pay,
Hopefully await the day
Of the future that is okay

It's a hard life in the street
But my future will be sweet,
Beat life bit by bit;
A shout out to the streets.
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I got the vision to win;
Though discouragement sets in
And hopelessness striving within
Because of giants seen

I need strength to carry on;
My power's almost gone,
I need a rock to stand upon
And a pillar to lean on

Fear attacks my heart like a pest
But I won't use the hiding nest;
I'm gonna do my best
And live God the rest

Let God open your sight
To see it isn't about your might,
Let Him relocate your site
To see the latter that is bright

The grace of the Most High
Is enough to make you fly,
And soar to touch the sky
Beyond how you could ever try.
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The me in me can fail but the God in me never fails,
The me in me can fall down but the God in me picks me up,
The me in me can give up but the God in me never stops,
Got power than my usual might; God lives within me

A genius isn't just born but baked to be made,
It's all about my choice, so I choose to be one;
I'm a man with vision working on my mission,
No matter what comes my way, I'll win and never quit

I'll be myself and make it; I'm wonderfully made,
If I fall, I'll get up just the way champions do,
I'll fly so high to the sky as long as I always try,
I'll conquer all warring foes 'cos God is my hero

Be yourself and make it; God has made you a great star,
If you fall, get up 'cos winners never quit,
To fly high to the sky, the first step is to try;
Till you ahine as the unique star the creator wants you to be

With my hands in God's hands, I follow the right flow;
Wherever I go, I know that I am meant to glow,
What ever you believe, you can certainly achieve,
Don't quit the try-angles which will cause your elevation.
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I WORSHIP YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE - thanks for all you've done

I worship you; Ancient of days
I live for you; to give you praise
It's very true that I live by grace
I worship you for who you are; thanks for all you've done

Pillar of my life; the air I breathe
Lover of my life; father with wits
You lift me from strife to a heavenly seat
I worship you for who you are; thanks for all you've done

I live to worship you; God that cannot die
I'm nothing without you; Lord who reigns on high
Can't live without you and that's the reason why
I worship you for who you are; thanks for all you've done

My Saviour and friend; your love speaks for me
My lover till the end; your Spirit lives in me
Beginning and the end, thanks for all you've done for me
I worship you for who you are; thanks for all you've done

You paid the fee to redeem my soul
You set me free and made me whole
You parted my sea to make me reach my goal
I worship you for who you are; thanks for all you've done.
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YOU ARE SUPERIOR - there is no one like you

Life is full of persons; you're just one of them,
There's no one like you; you're superior,
You become inferior when you choose to be,
Someone else rather than who you are to be

Life is full of lessons which I hold firm,
In all I do, I'm a conqueror,
I'm a great warrior 'cos I depend on,
No one else but God to see me through

This life is a race which I must run,
I'll run all my days till the victory's won,
I have got the grace of God's own son;
It's on what He says that I stand upon

I'll just act my role on this life's stage,
God preserves my soul from its evil cage,
I'll chase my goal not minding my age,
Till my life in whole becomes a fulfilled page.
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JEHOVAH IS MY COVER - he can be yours too

I searched for a fountain that was gonna quench my thirst,
Searched for the rain to wash away my dirt,
My stains caused me pain as my soul sought for rest,
My efforts were vain, even though I tried my best

God stopped the devil's arrow 'cos He is the King of kings,
He took away my sorrow and gave me reasons to sing,
I don't know tomorrow nor the hurdles 'twill bring
But the God watching the sparrow will bear me on His wings

It's not by power, nor is it by might,
But God's power this hour can open your sight,
Believe his shower of grace and be relieved from the night;
He'd make you his tower and with His power, win your fight

God's joy like a river can always see me through,
I know I've got Jehovah that will always keep me true,
He is the reason I don't waver in anything I do,
Jehovah is my cover and can be yours too

In the palms of God's hands, I have a safe future,
I'm not on sinking sand but anchored on scriptures,
On Christ the solid rock I stand; he founds the greatest structure,
I'm featured in the promise land; captured in God's own picture.
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THE TEST OF LOVE IS TIME - the thirst of love is life

We sometimes trip up in love which is more than a field trip,
We all reap what we sow; so, better sew what you rip,
Yes! Opening doors with the kiss of a ready heart,
Sweet words from his lips; sweet world of her hips;
Heaps of thorns come with the rose, so, look before you leap

I have to bear my cross and cross my Ts on this cross road,
Which way do I take now; The left or the right?
I'm left to write weighty words with my light pen;
Left to take matters right from the grass roots,
The option left really has to be the right one

I look at my age and start thinking marriage,
Not ego but carriage; no need for speed like the car age;
We may drift into the cabbage when speeding with the cab age,
Effects of wrong bus stops sometimes make us burst up
But take down these words not to give up in this world

Oh yeah! That weird moment impatience makes cells go sickle,
Unprepared before the move; left right with riding bicycles,
Till the weight kills delight; cutting power by sickles,
It is difficult to see the raging hurt sea cool,
Plant your self into patience; a wisdom you'd see cool

Prior proper preparation preventing poor performance;
It's all about patience being married to good luck,
Invest in your arsenal not to end up a goner;
Life is a race; on your marks; don't jump the gun,
Life hails from which race? unfair or fair; it's up to you.
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MAN IS HIS OWN ENEMY - Man has refused to come to terms with the causes of his failings

The myth of voodooism has wreaked a lot of havoc on mankind's foresightedness. Man has refused to come to terms with the causes of his failings. His sense has been clouded by obnoxious beliefs of hypnosis. He is always on the lookout for the victim to shift his blame on. He builds walls around himself creates unnecessary battles for himself. He creates an atmosphere of enmity. Man becomes so wild like an inferno difficult to put out. He seems insurmountable. Man's mind is fraught with self-pity. He wonders why he is miserable and unable to unravel the mystery. He envisages a smooth voyage, forgetting there are two sides to a coin. He has refused to start up again after  failed attempts. He possesses mobile limbs with a crippled mind. He is so myopic!

If a man is hypnotized, he could break himself loose if he had a rethink and stop casting aspersions on his kindred for his ill-fate. His worst disease is ignorance. Man has forgotten that victories and successes do not come by readily overnight like in some fairy tales. He yearns for outstanding and enviable successes. But my question is;' Is Man ready to pay the price?'   He luxuriates in fantasies but fails to match them, succumbing to fate. Man should remember that it took the children of Israel forty years to reach their God's promised settlement. Also, Rome was not built in a day. From my observation, I have come to realize that man detests 'Perseverance'. Man does not want to give destiny its chance. He has refused to explore what is within him to propel him to his destination.

Man will continually be his own enemy until he becomes realistic with himself. Man must learn to be at peace with himself, love himself and see the best in himself before he can conquer his supposed enemies. It is the best therapy! He should conquer within to conquer without. He is distinct in his ways from his counterparts. He has what it takes to reach the peak if only he can look inwards rather than farther. However, he has refused to focus on himself but swayed by others' whirlwinds. He is so forgetful that he refuses to act.

Man's dreams have been shattered. He is lost in despair, resorting to untoward acts and taking solace in hallucinogens to kill anxieties. He incarcerates himself, wages war against himself. He refuses to reassemble his broken parts. He does not look within to aid himself with his unique qualities.

It is time man stopped warring against himself but looked within to fight his supposed battle. He has to examine more inwardly than farther. The weapons to combat and conquer are within his reach. He has what it takes to stand out among his contemporaries.

He should look for where he fits and explore his own.

*Photo credit: Latiff
*written by: Damilola A Odunukan
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LIGHT OF THE WORLD - Christ stepped down into darkness

My counsellor and anchor is a great man of valour,
Opened grace door, bore our sins and secures us to the core,
I saw chains broken by His chain saws; His warships conquer shores,
He is the light of the world; saviour with the greatest might

Though the ancient of days paid sin's wages and opened cages;
Squeaking hinges of challenges still evolve at different stages,
Life's pages change in ranges but God never changes;
He is the light of the world ever shining so bright

Consistent and persistent is the trademark of the resilient;
But despite the time spent in dents, there's still time to repent
God's love is eminent, prominent and sufficient;
Receive the light of the world and he'll brighten your sight

Not slack and swift to attack is the champion's mark,
The comforter isn't a quack but got your back; His love's on track,
Fear ransacks us in the dark but faith ignites the victor's spark,
Through this light of the world that changed our plight

Leaving backgrounds where fear abounds to aim the higher ground,
Where the sound of love is found around where grace abounds,
Devil pounds his threats but God's around to break the bounds,
Accept this Light of the world and let Him relocate your site.
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SOURCED PENS FOR SUSPENCE - Conjuring the word play that can make the world play

The right things in life can be expressed in writings,
Left right with the truth scribbled in the master mind,
I coin out beauty from icons of duty
Captured in the art by the bubbling +Bubbly B

Easy to do my thing when the tools are in my tin,
Close to my inspiration; open realms beyond fiction,
I source pens for suspense to pass on my flows
Like ink through straws to my pen sued note pad

The lyrics in my note pad aren't that bad,
Conjuring the word play that can make the world play,
Exchanging music pleasantries with poetic spirit;
Tabled matters in my thought expressed with cheers just as taught

Life's a game of time and also chance related,
But when spiced with lyrical thyme, dance mode is activated,
Dance of truth to compliment the melody of the flute,
The violin intersects to lift the vibes to the ceiling

Life's battle is pitched in the field of the mind,
Points dribble through my mind to the net of truth,
I defend my goals when hitting and striking points,
Attack and tackle mistakes; music eraser is my referee.

Photo credits: +Bubbly B
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